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ISN Anchor Desk - Maggie Egan

Maggie Egan - Jane, the ISN Anchor - has two cd's. The first is the complete album "Out of This World", which is available on her website. The second cd, which was EXTREMELY limited, is a promo cd with three tracks from the complete album. Of the very few cd's ever made, Maggie let me have one, cuz she loves me. :)

Out of This World

Out of This World

2 - Orange Colored Sky
4 - Moonlight Savings Time
6 - Moonglow
8 - I've Got the World on a String
10 - Out of This World
12 - I Wished on the Moon
14 - Blue Moon
16 - It was Written in the Stars
18 - What a Wonderful World
19 - Maggie's Crusade

No, the track numbers are not typos. Before the first 9 songs, Maggie does an introduction, in-character as the ISN Anchor, introducing the song and the "singer". Each song is done in a different style, and voice. For example, track 4, "Moonlight Savings Time" is by "Betty Boop, the 34th". In a cd that could have been very cheesy, and easily could have been really bad, she rises above the "easy" mark, and proves she's got what it takes to sing with the big girls. "Blue Moon" is a stand-out song, and you'll find yourself singing along with it quickly. The only song without an in-character introduction is "Maggie's Crusade", which was recorded in front of an audience, and is set to the tune of the original Star Trek. That song alone is worth the price of the cd, and is the only song that ever references Babylon 5. If you've seen the bloopers, and are a Crusade fan, this is for you!

The preview recording edition has three songs:

1 - Maggie's Crusade
2 - Moonlight Saving Time
3 - Orange Colored Sky

This edition is not available, as it was a limited edition, but all 3 songs are on the album, with no changes to the songs.

You can order this cd with a credit card at Maggie's site. If you'd like to order by check or money order, click here for further information, including pricing and addresses. Thank you.