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ISN Anchor Desk - Mira Furlan

Mira Furlan - Delenn - has one Solo cd available, and also sings on the group cd "The Be Five: Trying to Forget". Her solo cd is available through The Time Machine site. There is a VERY limited supply available, for $35 each. You could also do a search on eBay.com, where Time Machine often has the cd's available for $20 each.

Mira's cd is called "Songs From Movies That Have Never Been Made", and is a very eclectic mix, showcasing her vocal range, going effortlessly from country to blues to rap to rock to children's songs with no change in her abilities - she can do it all.

Songs From Movies...

Songs From Movies That Have Never Been Made

1 - Dreaming
2 - Izawe
3 - Feo Bajondo
4 - Traveling
5 - Not Your Way
6 - The Sea More
7 - 17 Names of Maraduk
8 - Children's Song
9 - Ugom
10 - Fear of Love
11 - Dreaming (My Favorite Things)

Mira also sings in the group cd "Trying to Forget" with 2 solo songs and 2 group songs.

Trying to Forget

The Be Five - Trying to Forget

1 - Tell me How (group)
4 - I Don't Know Who You Are (solo)
9 - The Touch of Your Hand (solo)
12 - It's Just a TV Show(group)

You can order this cd from Bill Mumy's site, or from The Galactic Gateway, the official website for Mira, Claudia, and many others from B5

If you'd like to order any of these cd's by check or money order, click here for further information, including pricing and addresses. Thank you.