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ISN Anchor Desk - Julie Caitlin Brown

Julie Caitlin Brown - Na'Toth - has two cd's, and sings on a third. All three cd's are in-print and available to purchase.

Sheddin my Skin

Sheddin my Skin

1 - Maybe I Am
2 - Soulmate
3 - Give Em Some Rein
4 - Baby, Listen to Me
5 - Some Things in Life
6 - She Can't Go Back
7 - Wherever You Go
8 - Your Heart Had Other Ideas
9 - All is Well
10 - Home

Struck by Lightning

Struck by Lightning

1 - The River Knows How to Run
2 - Your Heart had Other Ideas
3 - Cry for Love
4 - When are you Coming Home?
5 - As I Believe
6 - I Thank God for the Courage
7 - Closed a Window
8 - Not Enemy
9 - Dreams
10 - Struck By Lightning

I do not have her cd's yet, but I have ordered both of them. The listing of songs came from Time Machine, a website which sells autographed photos, cards, and cd's from many science fiction actors, and is an official site - you're buying directly from the actor that way. I am not sure if both cd's truly have "Your Heart Had Other Ideas" or not, but that is what is listed there.

You can order both cd's from Time Machine, or you can go directly to Julie Caitlin Brown's website and order there. Each cd is $20 with an autograph, and with each cd that you order, you get a card from Julie also autographed. Two autographs for the price of one!

If you'd like to order any of these cd's by check or money order, click here for further information, including pricing and addresses. Thank you.