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ISN Anchor Desk - Claudia Christian

Claudia Christian - Susan Ivanova - has made 5 cd's, two of them out of print, three available. The first cd, "Taboo" was available only through her fanclub, and has two songs on it. The second has two titles. The first title is "The Claudias" and the other is "Claudia Squared". I'm not sure why there are multiple titles, but there are. It was a duet cd with Claudia Summers, hence the name(s). The third cd is the group cd "The Be Five" and the fourth is Claudia's solo "Once Upon a Time". The fifth cd is the soundtrack to "Area 51", a science fiction musical currently being shopped around the UK. It is a science fiction rock opera, in the spirit of the 1975 Rocky Horror Show. Claudia plays Dolores Fullborn; the book and lyrics are by Daniel O'Brien.



1 - Taboo
2 - Partners in the Sublime

Claudia Squared, aka The Claudias

Claudia Squared, aka The Claudias

1 - So Far Away
2 - Black Horse
3 - Rain
4 - Don't Promise
5 - Taboo
6 - Undertow
7 - Masquerade
8 - Where Does Love Go?
9 - I Love the Girls

I have also found two other songs that are listed on some sites as being on the cd, but not on others. Both are remixed versions. They are:

Rain (Dance Mix)

On the sites that have those remix versions listed, there is no mention of Taboo. It is possible that there truly are 2 different cd's, one called Claudia Squared, with Taboo and not the remixes, and one called The Claudias, without Taboo but with the remixes. I am not sure, and as the cd's are nearly impossible to find, I can only report what I've found out there, until I have one that I can actually report from.

Update 1/29/02 - I have found The Claudias and it is, indeed, called BOTH The Claudias *and* Claudia Squared. I also have the tape version of this, which does not have taboo on it, but has the two remixes. That explains the variations. I have no comment on where I was able to find them from, so don't ask, cuz you won't be able to get them from the same place. Sorry!

The Be Five

The Be Five: Trying to Forget

1 - Tell Me How (Group)
2 - If You Want Candy (Solo)
7 - Lovely in Loveland (Solo)
12 - It's Just a TV Show(Group)

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

1 - Once Upon a Time
2 - Gone Today, Here Tomorrow
3 - Goodbye
4 - Morning Can Wait
5 - All Wrapped Up
6 - Justify
7 - You
8 - Taboo
9 - Time and Again
10 - Beige MG
11 - Love Can Last

Area 51

Area 51

3 - Resident Cool Guy
4 - Greys are Given Us the Blues
6 - Persons in Black
8 - Then We Met Like This
10 - The First Encounter
13 - You Can Run

"Once Upon a Time" can be ordered directly from Claudia on her website, or from cdbaby.com.

You can order "The Be Five" cd from Bill Mumy's site, or from The Galactic Gateway, the official website for Mira, Claudia, and many others from B5

"Area 51" can be ordered in the US from Footlight.com.

If you'd like to order any of these cd's by check or money order, click here for further information, including pricing and addresses. Thank you.