The Be Five

Julie Caitlin Brown

Claudia Christian

Maggie Egan

Mira Furlan

Bill Mumy


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ISN Anchor Desk - The Be Five

Bill Mumy is probably the most famous - music speaking, of course - of the Babylon 5 cast. He has over 20 cds, all of them available directly from him for $20 each, from his website. He organized the very talented cast of Babylon 5, and the result is "The Be Five: Trying to Forget", which has 10 solo, and 2 group, songs.

The singers include: Claudia Christian, Mira Furlan, Bill Mumy, Peter Jurasik, and Andreas Katsulas. Pat Tallman provides backup on two of the songs.

The Be Five

The Be Five: Trying to Forget

1 - Tell Me How (group)
2 - If You Want Candy (Claudia)
3 - When You Were By My Side (Peter)
4 - I Don't Know Who You Are (Mira)
5 - High on the Strength of Your Love (Bill)
6 - How Was I to Know? (Andreas)
7 - Lovely in Loveland (Claudia)
8 - Might be You (Bill)
9 - The Touch of Your Hand (Mira)
10 - Can't Imagine Blues (Andreas)
11 - Put it on Down (Peter)
12 - It's Just a TV Show (Group)

You can order this cd directly from Bill Mumy's website, for $20 signed by Bill, or from The Galactic Gateway.