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ISN Anchor Desk - Original Short Stories

Mistakes? Iíve made a few

"But why?" asked Gideon. "Look, I understand the Drakh are major bad guys, and there was the whole virus thing, but why now? Why here? Why you?"

"I donít know. Maybe the universe blinked. Maybe their psychic friend told them to. All I know is ... they are ramping up for a major confrontation, revenge-style, and Iím going to give it to them."

"Has the Alliance voted on it?" asked Ivanova.

"No, but theyíll do what I ask them to."

"Mr. President, thatís a very dangerous precedent to set."

"TaíLon, you know, youíre probably right. And on any other day, I would probably do the exact opposite of what Iím going to do today. But I didnít start this war. Iím just finishing it."

"John, listen to yourself. Consider your actions carefully. The Drakh --"

"Dell, what started the Earth-Minbari war?"

He knew heíd gone too far even before the last word left his lips. A single tear ran down Delennís cheek. She folded her hands in front of her and used the support to raise herself to standing level. She began walking towards the stairs leading out of the chamber.

"Delenn, Iím --"

"Go fight your war, Mister President. I will have no part in this matter."

"Delenn, wait. Iím sorry. I didnít mean ..." She didnít hear him. She was already gone.

"John," said Garibaldi, "I think youíd better think about this some more. What good is going to come out of another war? Havenít we been through enough already? Look, Iím sorry about your dad. He was a good man, but he wouldnít want this more than we do. Weíve fought the Drakh before. Theyíve got ShadowTech and I know as well as you do that theyíre going to kick our butts if we rush into it. Look, Iím not asking you to forget what happened. Iím just asking you to think about the consequences."

"Maybe youíre right, Michael. Weíll meet here again tomorrow at 0900. Thank you all."

"And here I was, looking forward to going into battle alongside John Sheridan," Gideon said.

"Donít count your chances out quite yet, Matthew." Lochleyís eyes widened in brief realization. "Captain Gideon." She coughed. "You may just see it yet. Be careful what you wish for."

Z minus 2 hours.