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Typical, 1/20/01

Samuel, 3/01

Darkness, 3/31/01

The Rain

Same Time Tomorrow?

Babylon 5 stories

David Sheridan Chronicles 1, 4/23/01

David Sheridan Chronicles 2, 4/25/01

David Sheridan Chronicles 3, 4/29/01

David Sheridan Chronicles 4-the end, 5/02/01

ISN Aftermath, 7/28/01

In Valen's Name, 5/01


ISN Anchor Desk - Original Short Stories

Original Fiction, by Mitch Obrecht - all copyright 2001. I would appreciate any feedback you'd care to leave. Most of the stories have a guestbook that you can sign, or you can send me an e-Mail. Thank you!

Original stories, set in my own universe.

Typical, written January 20, 2001. This was inspired by a quote I once heard, and it just bloomed from there. It is, probably, my favorite so far.

Samuel, written March, 2001. Itís based on a dream I had once, while working at the hospital.

Darkness, written March 31, 2001. Puppy love doesnít always turn out the way one expects.

The Rain, written April 20, 2001. That night, the clouds in the sky seemed to have something they wanted to say. This is their story. :)

Same Time Tomorrow?, written May 17, 2001. A short, sweet story of an old man rediscovering the joy of youth, through music and a school fundraiser.

Babylon 5 Stories

A slight warning about my Babylon 5 stories ... If you have not seen the series, you shouldn't read them. The David Sheridan stories take place several years after the series, and have several references to events within the 5 years and Crusade. If you aren't at least familiar with B5, the stories most likely won't interest you. If you ARE a Babylon 5 fan, I hope you enjoy them. I tried to imagine what could have happened. These are not set in an alternate universe ... They don't have a gay Sheridan, or an anime Delenn, or anything like that. They are stories that could have been seen, or could actually happen.

The ISN Aftermath story, for example, is one that most likely never would have been shown on-screen. I happen to be a huge fan of the ISN Anchor Jane, but realistically she was a very minor character, when looking at it from the perspective that there are about a hundred regular and recurring characters. She stood out to me, and there's quite a bit that could be told about her. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into her past, and her feelings about being locked away by Clark.

The David Sheridan Chronicles

Chapter 1 And so it Begins, written April 23, 2001. This is my first B5 fanfic. Sheridan's father has been killed, and Sheridan must pick up the pieces. Features a cameo by his sister, Elizabeth. This may be the prologue for a series of short stories, or may stand on its own. I'm not sure yet. Comments?

Chapter 2 To Sleep in Distant Waters, written April 25, 2001. This is the second chapter in the B5 fanfic, and picks up where part 1 left off, introducing a new Drakh character.

Chapter 3 The Gathering, written April 29, 2001. The beginning of war, told from another perspective - the ones who have to clean up the mess.

Chapter 4 Mistakes? I've Made a Few, written May 2, 2001. Sheridan must think long and hard about what he's planning. Is it really worth it? And at what cost?

Stories From the Babylon Universe

ISN Aftermath, written July 28, 2001. I love the ISN Anchor. Anyone who knows me knows just what I think of her. I was recently asked to write a fanfic about her. I thought of the many varied stories of her life that have not been told, but the aftermath of her abduction by Clark really stuck out. This is Jane's interview with Allison Higgins, following "Endgame."

In Valen's Name, written May, 2001. The forum that I visited most, had a number of round-robin stories going on, where someone would start a story, maybe a sentance or maybe a whole page, then the next person would jump in, and on and on, keeping it going for as long as people can come up with new ideas. Theoretically, it should be fun. I wrote this, and a month later, no one had touched it, despite a lot of people looking at it. I can only conclude that it sucks. It is set in the past, with Valen, very shortly after arriving with Babylon 4 with Zathras.