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ISN Anchor Desk - Babylon 5 Charity Event

The Galactic Gateway, the official website for a number of Babylon 5/Crusade castmembers, has organized a very special photograph for charity.

This photograph is autographed by 10 stars, and is limited to 1,000 photographs. They are 11 x 14, edged in white, and ready to frame. It is also embossed with the StarGlaziers corporate seal, and numbered!

Back Row, Left to Right - Tim Choate, Jeffrey Willerth, Ed Wasser, Carrie Dobro, Vaughn Armstrong, Beata Pozniak, David Brooks, and Robin Atkin-Downes.

Front Row - Patricia Tallman, Stephen Austin.

The pre-sale price is only $100. After September 11, 2002, the price will go up to at least $125.00, with all the proceeds going to charity.

Among the charities are Penny Lane, and various September 11 funds. A complete list will be available soon.

As a special promotion, the first 100 orders will receive a special gift - former Star Trek stunt coordinator Dennis Madalone has donated 100 copies of his hit single "America, We Stand as One".

You may get the photo either from the actors themselves, or through Galactic Gateway, starting right now!

Patricia Tallman - Best known as Lyta Alexander, the telepath on Babylon 5. She is also a highly-regarded stuntwoman and actress with roles from all current incarnations of Star Trek, Austin Powers, and more.

Jeffrey Willerth - Patricia's husband, was Kosh and Ulkesh on Babylon 5. This versitle actor/producer also worked on the series "The Most" for the History Channel.

Ed Wasser - While he has had roles on Stormswept, Dark Secrets, and NYPD Blue, he is most recognized as the Shadow Associate known as Mr. Morden on Babylon 5.

Carrie Dobro - Carrie played Dureena Nafeel in the Babylon 5 spin-off Crusade, and is currently working on Area 23 with Babylon 5 alum Maggie Egan.

Vaughn Armstrong - Where do I begin? He was the security officer who tried to lead the Nightwatch revolt on Babylon 5. He was the Hirogen hunter in Voyager (breaking Marc Alaimo's record for the highest number of speaking aliens roles), was a Judge in JAG, and currently stars as Starfleet Admiral Maxwell Forrest in Enterprise.

Beata Pozniak - Playing the President in Babylon 5, and reprising the role in the doomed Into the Fire game, is only part of a long history for this brilliant actress. She was Tambor in Wild Palms. She's guest-starred in Indiana Jones, JAG, Dark Skies, Pensacola, and the Drew Carey Show. In 1991, she played Marina Oswald - Lee Harvey's wife - in JFK.

David Brooks - David was Max Eilerson in Crusade, starring alongside Carrie.

Robin Atkin-Downes - Played both Moran and Byron in Babylon 5, among many other roles.

Tim Choate - Tim played Zathras in Babylon 5 and Polix in Crusade. He has also appeared in The Practice, Diagnosis Murder, Frasier, Soapdish, and most recently in Pearl Harbor as the Navy Doctor.

Stephen Austin - Stephen was the Pak'Ma'Ra Ambassador on Babylon 5. He has also appeared in such movies as Apollo 13, Batman & Robin, Con Air, and Primary Colors.