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ISN Anchor Desk - Rare Babylon 5

I have quite a few rare Babylon 5 collectibles. Some of my favorite include:

Maggie Egan's Scripts - I have 5 scripts that Maggie Egan used on the set, one from each season, including "Midnight on the Firing Line" (first episode aired), "Rising Star" and "Objects at Rest" (the last episode filmed!).

Maggie Egan's Parking Pass - Each crew- and cast-member involved in a series is required to have a Parking Pass, which allows them to park their car in the lot. This is from her two episodes of Crusade, the Babylon 5 spin-off.

Dining on Babylon 5 - This book is actually a cookbook that was printed in the UK, but for a very limited time. Each recipe in the book is a food that was seen on-screen, or at the very least mentioned. Extremely hard to find, and very rare.

Claudia Christian's Scripts - I have 3 of Claudia Christian's scripts from Babylon 5, including "Hunter, Prey".

Michael O'Hare's Script - Michael's own script from "Born to the Purple", the episode which introduced Adira.

Crusade Writer's Bible - I have one of exactly 100 Bibles, which were signed by the creator of Crusade himself, JMS. These are impossible to find.

Value Judgements - This script, written by Fiona Avery, was scheduled to go into production as the very next episode of Crusade. Unfortunately, TNT aborted the series, and it never saw the light of day. This script came directly from Fiona, and was signed to me.

Rare CD's - Maggie Egan's promo cd, of which only 2 were made. I have one, she has the other! Claudia Christian has 2 extremely rare cd's - Taboo, and Claudia Squared. I have both. I wish you luck in finding it!