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ISN Anchor Desk - Season 4

Hour of the Wolf

Drazi - "You cannot win this war, Commander. You can only survive it!"

Londo - "Mr. Morden?"
Morden - "In the flesh. What's left of it."

Morden - "I'm just a ... Shadow ... of my former self."

Ulkesh - "He has opened an unexpected door. We do now what must be done now. His purpose has been fulfilled."

Ulkesh - "Respect is irrelevant."

G'Kar - "Our thoughts form the universe. They always matter."

G'Kar, re: Daffy Duck - "I was studying this image. Is it one of his household gods?"
Zack - "That's Daf- Yeah. Well, in a way I suppose it is. It's sort of the Egyptian god of Frustration."
G'Kar - "Most appropriate! Thank you!"

Cartagia - "When I become a god, I will forgive you your rudeness, Mollari!"

Londo - "Conspiracies require more than one person. And there is no one here I trust."

Susan - "If we go down at Z'Ha'Dum, no one's coming after us."

Susan - "Lennier, get us the hell out of here."
Lennier - "Initiating 'getting the hell out of here' maneuver."

Lyta - "I'm sorry, Delenn."
Londo, to Vir - "You are the closest thing I have to a friend. I am as shocked and dismayed by this as you are. But, there it is."

Londo - "You and I, Vir, must kill Emperor Cartagia."

Whatever Happened to Mister Garibaldi?

Lorien - "My reluctant friend, you are quite quite dead."

Lorien - "Tick you're alive. Tock, well ..."

Lorien - "Here, between the moments, we have all the time in the world."

Londo - "There is a monster on the throne, G'Kar."

Sheridan - "You're on of the First Ones."
Lorien - "No. Not one of the First Ones. I am the First One."

Lorien - "Did you know you have a Vorlon inside you?"

Lorien - "Step into the Abyss, and let go."

Lorien - "It's easy to find something worth dying for. Do you have anything worth living for?"

Sheridan - "What if I die?"
Lorien - "I cannot create life, but I can breathe on the remaining embers. It may not work."
Sheridan - "But I can hope."

Lorien - "Hope is all we have."

The Summoning

Susan - "There may be some First Ones we haven't found yet."

Delenn, to Marcus - "Tell the crew anyone who laughs will answer to me personally."

Delenn - "By the Human calendar, this is January 17, 2261. Everyone I hold dear is gone. It is over two standard weeks since John failed to return from Z'Ha'Dum. Two weeks since Mr. Garibaldi disappeared. Londo and Vir have returned to Centauri Prime, and G'Kar is also gone, searching for Garibaldi. Marcus and Ivanova have taken one of the White Star fleet. Where they are, I have no idea."

Marcus - "At least a dozen ships have reported seeing something rather god-like in the area, and since neither you nor I were there, it must be one of the First Ones."
Susan - "You're having delusions of grandeur again."
Marcus - "Well if you're going to have delusions of grandeur, may as well go for the really satisfying ones."

Vir - "I've never been involved in a conspiracy to kill anyone before, not to mention the Emperor!"

Vir - "Londo, remember what I said before, about there must be another way? I was wrong! Kill him!"

Lyta - "I think the Vorlons have plans of their own ..."

Lyta - "I don't think that they care what happens to us anymore, Delenn. I think the game just got bigger than that."

Dr. Franklin - "It's about time we had a little luck around here."

Lyta - "What are you hiding from me?"

Lyta - "Dammit, I have earned some respect! And I have earned some answers."
Ulkesh - "Respect? From whom? Would you know my thoughts? Would you?"

Marcus - "I'm picking something up."
Susan - "A unicorn?"

Garibaldi - "Where's Sheridan?"
Zack - "Then you don't know? Captain Sheridan's dead. He died at Z'Ha'Dum."

Delenn - "The truth will attend to itself."

Garibaldi - "Well I'll be damned."

Hyach - "You're acting out of grief and loss. If Sheridan has died, then why not the rest of us? You cannot attack Z'Ha'Dum. No one has ever succeeded. Ships go there and never return. Lives are wasted. Sheridan died trying to attack Z'Ha'Dum. No one who goes there comes back alive."
Drazi - "Captain. We're sorry. We thought you were dead."
Sheridan - "I was. I'm better now."

Sheridan - "You tell your governments that the only man to survive Z'Ha'Dum sends this message - we can end this. Not just for now, not just for the next thousand years, but forever!"

Garibaldi - "We could barely stop the Shadows. How do we stop them and the Vorlons?"

Falling Toward Apotheosis

Lorien - "You heard?"
Sheridan - "I heard."
Lorien - "They need to believe."
Sheridan - "Not in me."
Lorien - "You can't save them all."
Sheridan - "I can try."
Lorien - "You'll fail."
Sheridan - "We'll see."

Cartagia - "Let it all end in fire!"

Susan - "Is it my imagination or is Mr. Garibaldi crankier than usual?"

Sheridan - "We're going to take out the Vorlon, any way we can."

Lorien - "His life force must be replenished."

Lorien - "I give of myself, to replenish him. For a little while."
Delenn - "How long?"
Lorien - "Long enough."

Susan - "God, I thought I was depressing."

Lorien - "I cannot create life. Only the universe can do that."

Delenn - "How long?"
Lorien - "In Human terms, barring injury or illness, perhaps twenty years. But no more than that."

Lorien - "Twenty years. And then, one day, he will simply ... stop."

The Long Night

Sheridan - "Giants in the playground."

Londo - "Homeworld will stand or fall depending on what we do here in the next 17 hours."

Londo - "What matters is what we do now!"

Londo - "By the end of this day, either Cartagia is dead or Centauri Prime will be destroyed."

Susan, to Sheridan - "You're far away again."

Susan - "There's no way in hell you're leaving me behind."

Cartagia - "I have decided to take you with me."
Londo - "Majesty?"
Cartagia - "A god must have a high priest, must he not?"

G'Kar - "My eye offended him."

G'Kar - "An empty eye sees through to an empty heart."

Londo - "Everyone knows that you are incapable of doing anything really dangerous or subversive."
Vir - "That's good. I don't know about incapable!"

Londo - "Vir, take the compliment for what it is."

Cartagia - "Remember what you see here today, for it is the stuff of legends."

Londo, to Cartagia - "Be quiet!"

Cartagia - "I was to be a god, you understand! A god!"
Londo - "The Emperor has collapsed. We think it is his hearts."

Londo - "The Emperor is dead."

Minister - "I therefore nominate Londo Mollari of the House Mollari to the position of Prime Minister."

Sheridan - "What are the rules?"

Londo - "It was ... necessary."

Londo, to Vir - "There is still hope for you. And for that, I find that I still envy you."

Londo - "I will keep my promises. My honor is all I have left."

Vir - "What was it all for, I wonder? What was any of it for?"

Sheridan - "The Vorlons are going to hit Coriana VI. We can't allow that."

Delenn - "Coriana VI. That is where we will draw the line against the Vorlons."

Sheridan - "I want the Shadows there as well."

Sheridan - "If they want Armageddon, then by God let's give it to them!"

G'Kar - "You have just tossed someone off that throne. Would you put another in his place so quickly?"

G'Kar - "I did not fight to remove one dictator just to become another myself!"

G'Lon - "We suffered and died during their occupation. Where were you? What have you endured?"
G'Kar - "What have I endured? What have I endured?"

Sheridan - "...To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

Into the Fire

Sheridan - "Win or lose, we'll go down fighting."

Londo, re: sitting on throne - "Felt very natural, though. Why is he - why are you still here? Go! Go!"

Sheridan - "Tell her to come in and to haul ass or she'll miss all the excitement."
Delenn - "Very well. I'll tell her to 'haul ass' but that seems to me a very undignified position from which to command one of the White Star fleet."

Susan - "You're awfully impatient for someone who's supposed to be immortal."

Susan - "My heart and I don't speak anymore."
Lorien - "Yes, I have noticed that."

Londo - "I will have to have that painted over, I suppose."

Morden - "What are you going to do, Mollari? Huh? Blow up the island?"
Londo - "Actually, now that you mention it..."
Morden - "NOOO!!!!"

Morden - "Even if my associates lose this war, they have allies! They'll make sure Centauri Prime pays the price for what you've done here today!"
Londo - "What I have done? Oh, Mr. Morden, I have not even started with you yet."

Sheridan - "Morning, gentlemen. This is your wakeup call."

Lyta - "Captain? They're pissed."

Londo, to Vir - "Go out into the garden and see. Consider it a gift."

Vorlon-Lyta - "You thought we could not touch you. You were wrong."

Shadow-Lyta - "And you, they have left for us."

Sheridan - "What if the right choice is not to chose at all?"

Shadow - "They will not follow you if you are dead."

Sheridan - "It's over because we've decided it's over. Now get the hell out of our galaxy, both of you!"

Vorlon - "We will not be alone?"
Lorien - "No, never alone."

Marcus - "Did we just win?"
Susan - "Don't jinx it."

Lorien - "I look forward to the day when your people join us beyond the Rim. We will wait for you."

Londo - "I think about this war being over, and I find I cannot quite wrap my brain around the concept."

Vir - "I don't think any of our gods would object to Londo Mollari having one single night of happiness."

Delenn - "It's hard to believe it's really over."

Sheridan - "It's a new age, Delenn. A Third Age."

Delenn - "Now we stop-"
Sheridan - "-Being afraid of Shadows."


Sheridan - "Captain's Personal Log. The Shadow War is over. We won! But I can't stop thinking about what it cost us. And how much work is still ahead of us. Then again, maybe the Doc's right. Embrace the moment. In the end, that's all we have. Trouble will come in its own time. It always does. But that's tomorrow. Give me today and I will be happy."

Psi Corps - "The President wants Babylon 5 shut down, permanently."

Londo - "I should tell you ... the Centarum met this morning to discuss choosing a new Emperor. With all the recent problems, they voted to postpone any decisions for awhile, so they could chose more wisely this time."
Regent - "Probably a good idea. The Royal Bloodline isn't what it used to be. Too much inter-marrying, I suppose. I always say when you reduce a family tree to a family bush, you just can't hide as much beneath it!"
Londo - "Exactly. So the Centarum has decided to appoint a Regent to the throne until a new Emperor can be selected."
Regent - "A Regent? Oh, my heavens! Who would take that job? It pays very well, I hear. But it's simply a ceremonial roll."
Londo - "Actually, they have selected you."
Regent - "It hardly seems worth -- ME?"
Londo - "You. The Royal Court awaits your orders, Regent. If you need any advice, I'll be on Babylon 5."
Regent - "I'm thinking ... pastels!"

G'Kar - "I have seen what power does, and I have seen what power costs. The one is never equal to the other."

Garibaldi - "I've decided to resign as head of Security, effective immediately."

Garibaldi - "I did my part, and now it's time for me to try and find a life for myself."

Zack, re: Londo - "The only reason that guy is still alive is that half the time, I don't know what the hell he's talking about."

Bester - "I assume my usual quarters in the Brig are available? I've grown so attached to the place."
Zack - "For you, Mr. Bester, always."

Zack - "Look, I'm getting the hell out of here before anyone else walks through there. With my luck, it'll be the second coming. And I'm still 3 commandments behind on penance."

G'Kar - "Welcome home, Mister Garibaldi!"

ISN - "All travel between Earth and Babylon 5 is now forbidden by law."

Lyta - "Zack, how come the only time people come to see me is when they want something? Scan someone. Protect someone. Set up the Vorlon so you can take him out. I nearly got my brain fried at Z'Ha'Dum, but nobody comes just to visit. Nobody comes by and says 'Let's have dinner'."

Zack - "I'll bring pizza."
Lyta - "Thanks."

Bester - "Haven't we learned by now to trust each other?"
Sheridan - "No. Now sit."

Zack - "Go back to Z'Ha'Dum? Are you nuts?"

Bester - "Is there a consensus?"
Sheridan - "No. But we'll go anyway."

Garibaldi - "Why is it that someplace safe is the one place you can never remember later?"

Delenn, to Sheridan - "We're old souls. Deal with it."

Susan - "Reports of our disloyalty have been greatly exaggerated."

Bester - "The Corps is Mother. The Corps is Father."
Lyta - "In that case, Mister Bester, I'm an orphan."

Zack, to Bester - "Your ship leaves in ten minutes. I'll be back in five."

The Illusion of Truth

Sheridan - "Maybe there's some life in the old girl yet."

Sheridan - "This place has been declared dead more times than Lazarus, but we keep coming back."

Ramirez - "Good shot, Chief."
Zack - "Well don't say that until you know what I was aiming at."

Sheridan - "We have an open door policy."
Susan - "And an open airlock policy."

Randall - "Even a little truth is better than none."

Londo - "When I said my quarters were cold, I did not mean 'Oh, I think it's a little chilly in here, perhaps I'll throw a blanket on the bed'. No, I said it was COLD as in 'Oh, look, my left arm has snapped off like an icicle and shattered on the floor'. This is highly inappropriate, Captain!"
Sheridan - "You're right. There are several other parts of your body I'd much rather see snapped off."

Susan - "Do you have the same ugly feeling I do about all of this?"

Sheridan - "What can they do to us?"

Sheridan - "Let's see what's on. With our luck, it'll probably be a commercial."

Atonement *****

Dukhat - "I cannot have an aide who will not look up. You would be forever walking into things."

Dr. Franklin - "Marcus, this is the kind of conversation that can only end in a gunshot."

Dukhat - "You are a Child of Valen."

Lennier - "The guards resisted at first. I managed to explain things to them. They will recover ... in time."

Racing Mars

Susan, to Sheridan - "As of now, I am relieving you of command."

Susan - "You've been declared dead at least once, and you know how tiring that can be."

Marcus, to Dr. Franklin - "Well, shall we go, darling?"

Jack - "What war?"

Marcus - "Just my luck. First time in my life I'm a war hero and nobody knows about it! And worst of all, I'm married to you!"
Dr. Franklin - "Well that's not my idea."

Lennier, to Sheridan - "Woo Hoo?"

Wade - "Are you with us?"
Garibaldi - "I'm with you."

Lines of Communication

Number One/Tessa - "Well, that was good and cryptic."

Minbari - "Perhaps the situation is not as bad as the reports have indicated."

Delenn - "Never forget who I was, what I am, and what I can do."

Sheridan, re: ISN - "Up yours, you lying sack of -"

Sheridan - "Nice outfit, Ivanova."

Sheridan - "You have a face people trust."
Susan - "I'd rather have a face people fear."
Sheridan - "That too."

Number One/Tessa - "Don't play me for stupid."

Delenn - "End this."

Conflicts of Interest

Ben - "I was wrong about you, Garibaldi."
Garibaldi - "That's all right. I'm used to it."

Wade - "At this point, Mr. Garibaldi is eminently expendable."

Sheridan - "If you're going to wait for the universe to start making sense, you'll have a long wait ahead of you."

Dr. Franklin - "Ya know, I like her. Scares the hell out of me sometimes, but I do like her. Just, uh, don't tell her that."

Susan - "Zathras!"

Zathras - "Zathras does not want you being confused. Bye."

Zathras - "There are ten of us."

Susan - "There are ten of you?"
Zathras - "Nine now."

Zathras - "Zathras trained in crisis management!"

Susan - "Nine of them! Oy!"

Garibaldi - "Lise!"

Wade - "You know her?"
Garibaldi - "Yeah. We were gonna get married once upon a time."

Garibaldi - "This is the third time you've broken my heart, and that's one more than you're entitled to."

Sheridan - "I want to give the Rangers a new mission..."

Londo - "As much as it may astonish everyone in the room, I agree with G'Kar."

Wade - "Facts don't get in the way of a good panic."

Edgars, to Garibaldi - "I'd like to hire you on retainer..."

Susan - "The truth is back in business."

Rumors, Bargains, and Lies

Marcus - "What do you want me to do?"
Sheridan - "I don't know yet, but trust me: this is going to be great!"

Lennier - "Delenn, fighting has broken out in the capital."

Delenn - "I think of my beautiful city in flames, Lennier."

Londo - "I apparently mistook you for a Human with some taste."

Delenn - "Hello, Neroon."

Delenn - "I need your help, Neroon."

Neroon - "Was that a compliment?"
Delenn - "After a fashion."
Neroon - "Then you trust me?"
Delenn - "After a fashion."
Neroon - "Well, it's a beginning."

Neroon - "We are two against a world gone mad."

Londo, to Drazi - "Your pilots should have their eyes examined. I don't know why they see out of them anyway. Tiny, beady, squinty little things, aren't they?"

Religious Minbari - "For the good of everyone, this ship cannot be allowed to reach home."

Sheridan - "I just stopped by to ask you to plant a story for me."

Susan/VOTR - "I just wanted to mention, for those who have asked, that absolutely nothing whatsoever happened today in sector eighty-three by nine by twelve."

Delenn - "Only the warrior caste would turn on one of their own."

Lennier - "Have we fallen so far that we cannot even trust ourselves?"

Sheridan (in elevator) - "YESSSSSS!!!"

Lennier - "Delenn does not walk in the same world that you and I walk in. She does not see the same world that you and I see. In her world, we are better than we are. We care more than we care. We act towards each other with compassion. I much prefer her world to that of my own, and I will not allow anything to threaten that."

Neroon - "Victory will be ours within a week."

Moments of Transition

Shai Alyt - "We all die, Neroon. Only the timing varies."

Shai Alyt - "For a warrior, death is simply a release from our obligation."

Bester - "As hard as it might be for you to grasp this, I do have a life that doesn't involve Babylon 5."

Bester - "Mr. Allen seems to be under a great deal of stress. I don't think he's eating right. Make sure he gets enough fiber. That's always important."

Bester - "Well it's good to see they're continuing the fine tradition of hiring from the shallow end of the gene pool."

Delenn - "Tell the Warrior Caste that we are prepared to surrender at a time and place of their choosing."
Lennier - "But..."
Delenn - "Tell them, Lennier. Just tell them."

Bester - "Well, there is just no delicate way to say this. I want your body."
Lyta - "What? Are you out of your mind?"
Bester - "That's a very funny question to ask a telepath."

Delenn - "The Religious Caste surrenders."

No Surrender, No Retreat

Sheridan - "From now on, Earth stands alone."

Sheridan - "Once we're in, we're in. No Surrender, No Retreat."

Susan - "Trust Ivanova, trust yourself. Anybody else, shoot em."

Londo, to G'Kar - "I don't believe I have ever been in your quarters before."

Londo - "A drink, to the Humans. And to the bridge they created between us."

Corwin - "I was noticing the new paint job on the White Star 2..."

Sheridan - "Fire at will. I repeat: fire!"

Marcus - "It looks as if we've won."

Susan - "Proxima 3 is free."

Security - "When ya coming back?"
Garibaldi - "I'm not."

Exercise of Vital Powers

Wade - "Everything is illusion, Mr. Garibaldi."

Edgars - "Are you still in love with my wife?"
Garibaldi - "No. No, I'm not."
Edgars - "Thank you. You may return to your room now."

Telepath - "What am I?"

Lyta - "I can't let you do that. I'm sorry. Go to sleep now."

Edgars - "Do you know how the ancient Greeks defined happiness?"
Garibaldi - "Not offhand, but I'd be willing to bet it involved three goats and a jug of wine."

Dr. Franklin - "Start packing. We leave in a few days."
Lyta - "Where we going?"
Dr. Franklin - "Mars."

The Face of the Enemy

Garibaldi - "Captain Sheridan's father's in custody."

Garibaldi - "I think the last guy got 30 pieces of silver for the same job."

Captain - "The crew trust you, Captain. They believe that you're a pain in the ass, Sir, but they trust you."

Garibaldi - "They've got your dad, John."

Lyta - "Someday, there's going to be a war between telepaths and mundanes, Stephen. I just hope I don't live to see it."

Susan - "What's going on? You all look like a Pak'ma'ra just ate your cat."

Lennier - "Something's happened."

Bester - "Hello, Mr. Garibaldi. I received your signal. Now, tell me what you know. All of it."

Bester - "Go back. Go back and remember."

Bester - "This virus that kills only telepaths ... I'd bet good money it's Shadow technology."

Susan - "If he turns up on the station, I want that son of bitch shot on sight."
Marcus - "Susan!"
Susan - "I mean it."

Susan - "If Clark thinks this is going to slow us down, he's in for a very big surprise."

Intersections in Real Time

Interrogator - "It's lunch time, isn't it?"

Interrogator - "I'll be back when they've had a chance to clean up the place."

Interrogator - "Your father sends his regards."

Sheridan - "The moment you surrender, you become expendable."

Between the Darkness and the Light

Dr. Franklin - "Why'd ya do it?"
Garibaldi - "It was Bester. It was him all along."

Garibaldi - "Stephen, we've worked together for four years. That's got to count for something."
Dr. Franklin - "Yeah, I thought so. But right now, I don't know anymore."

Number One/Tessa - "You're making a very big mistake."
Dr. Franklin - "Yeah, well it won't be the first time."

Lyta - "Those are level 12 blocks. Only a Psi Cop can put them in. Or break them."
Garibaldi - "You can do it."

Lyta, to Number One/Tessa - "What do you know about Hell? Would you like me to show it to you? Mine and his?"

Lyta - "The truth speaks for itself. I'm just a messenger."

Vir - "Politics and morality on the same side? That doesn't happen every day, Delenn."

Dr. Franklin - "Why can't we ever go any place nice?"

Commander - "Not everyone who defects to your side really defects. Some of them are playing both sides against the middle."

Marcus, to Sleeping Susan - "You'll never know..."

Susan - "Who am I? I am Susan Ivanova, Commander, daughter of Andrei and Sophie Ivanov. I am the Right Hand of Vengeance, and the boot that is going to kick your sorry ass all the way back to Earth. I am Death Incarnate and the last living thing that you are ever going to see. God sent me."

Marcus - "Susan!!!"

Sheridan - "I want to see her."

Susan - "They won't tell me the truth. You're my friend, John. Tell me the truth. I'm not going to make it, am I?"
Sheridan - "No. No, they say the damage is ... I'm sorry, Susan"
Susan - "That's ok. I'll be ... You've carried so much guilt around in your life. Don't carry any more for me. Or I'm gonna come back and kick your ass. How long?"
Sheridan - "The Doctors say they can promise only a few days. Maybe a week."
Susan - "See? It's not so bad. John, do something for me."
Sheridan - "Anything. What is it?"
Susan - "It's not what. Where."

Sheridan - "With the permission of Captain James, I'm assuming the command of the Agamemnon. A friend asked me to command the last battle from here."


Lefcourt - "We are here to do a job and God help all of us."

Lennier - "There is nothing usable on Babylon 5."
Marcus - "What do you mean, nothing usable?"

Delenn - "John, Marcus is gone."

Sheridan - "We are here to place President Clark under arrest."

Sheridan - "For justice, for peace, for the future ... we have come home!"

Clark's note - "Scorched Earth"

Senator Crosby - "President Clark is dead. He took his own life before we could arrest him. But he left a message on his desk. Two words: Scorched Earth. Captain, I believe he's turned the defense grid toward Earth. We can't override the systems here. If you don't stop them, they'll fire in ten minutes. Captain, the particle beams on those defense platforms can level forty percent of the planet's surface. You have to stop them before they can fire!"

Sheridan - "Delenn, we need you."
Delenn - "We are there."

Sheridan - "All power to engines. Give me ramming speed."
Captain James - "Aye, sir."
Lefcourt - "Apollo to Agamemnon. We have monitored the situation. Hold on to your hats."

Captain James - "The last platform's been destroyed."
Lefcourt - "Sorry for the delay, Captain, but we had some trouble on Mars. You might have heard something about it."
Sheridan - "My apologies, General. We're only doing our jobs."
Lefcourt - "Though you'll have to stand before a board of inquiry on this one, Sheridan. Still, welcome home, John. Welcome home."

Jane, the ISN Anchor - "Hello. I want to welcome back our viewers. We've been gone a long time. Over a year since ISN was captured by elite forces sent by President Clark. Over a year since Martial Law was declared. Many of us and our associates at other networks were imprisoned, interrogated, even killed. All that changed last night. At 1:45 am, Earth Standard Time, a multi-planetary force led by ships loyal to a free Earth engaged Clark's forces directly. Under the command of John Sheridan, the incoming forces disabled or destroyed their opposition, then prevented further destruction by taking out the planetary defense grid, whose lethal power was being turned toward Earth. Earthgov is still working to compile the names of those injured or killed on either side of the battle. If you have family members who may have been involved, you can request information from a special EarthForce commline. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those injured on both sides. We are equally sons and daughters of Earth. And in the coming months, we must continue to remember that, if we are to heal and move on."

Marcus, to Susan - "I love you."

Rising Star *****

Susan - "At least I should have boffed him at least once."

Susan - "All love in unrequited, Stephen, all of it."

Londo - "I hope you have brought a change of underwear. You will need it after you have read this."

Sheridan - "Death. Been there, done that!"

President Luchenko - "Half of EarthForce wants to give you a kiss on the cheek and the medal of honor. The other half wants you taken out and shot. As a politician, you learn to compromise. Which, by all rights, means I should give you the medal of honor and then have you shot."

Londo - "How does it feel to make history, hmm?"
G'Kar - "You do not make history. You can only hope to survive it."

Londo - "G'Kar, you are a depressing person."
G'Kar - "Thank you."

Delenn - "It was the end of the Earth Year 2261, and it was the dawn of a new age, for all of us. It was the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. The next 20 years would see great changes, great joys, and great sorrows. The telepath war and the Drakh war, the new Alliance would waver and crack, but in the end, it would hold. Because what is built endures. And what is lost endures. And Babylon 5 ... endures."

Deconstruction of Falling Stars *****

Brother Alwin - "We live for the One. We die for the One."

Brother Edward - "The Blessed Sheridan, who lived and died and returned from the dead, and was taken bodily into Heaven. And Ivanova the strong. And Delenn the wise. They could all be fables for all we know."

Delenn - "History will attend to itself. It always does."

Londo - "Perhaps it was something I said."
G'Kar - "Perhaps it is everything you say."

Old Delenn - "You do not wish to know anything! You wish only to speak! That which you know, you ignore, because it is inconvenient. That which you do not know, you invent."

Holo-Garibaldi - "Rest easy, friends."

On screen - "Faith Manages."