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ISN Anchor Desk - Quotes

Matters of Honor

Kosh - "Being seen by so many at once was a great strain."

Kosh - "It was ... necessary."

Kosh - "I have always been here."
Sheridan - "Oh yeah? You said that about me, too."
Kosh - "Yes."
Sheridan - "I really hate it when you do that."
Kosh - "Good."

Marcus - "Eject me!"

Londo, to Morden - "With the Narn War over, I think it is time that we ... reconsider our relationship."

Morden - "So now that weíve done everything you asked, youíd like us to just disappear?"
Londo - "I do believe you have got it surrounded, Mr. Morden."

Londo - "We have danced our last little dance, Mr. Morden. Now it is time for you to go away."

Mr. Endawi - "We donít have a clue."

Delenn, re: Shadows - "I have never actually seen one until this moment."

Delenn - "Take a good look, John, and remember it well. That is the face of our enemy."

Londo - "We have made the practice of joy another duty."

Mr. Endowi - "Thatís all?"
Londo - "That is enough."

Marcus - "I need your help, Delenn."

Thug - "I donít like insults."
Marcus - "Funny, I thought with a face like yours youíd be used to it by now."

Sheridan - "When did you ... how did you?"
Susan - "Captain, the day something happens around here and I donít know about it, worry."

Marcus, to Sheridan - "We have no one else to turn to."

Marcus - _Her name is the White Star. And sheís yours, Captain."

Garibaldi - "I try never to get involved with my own life. Too much trouble."
Endawi - "This is a very strange place you have here, Mr. Garibaldi."
Garibaldi - "Thank you."

GíKar - "To all things there is a time, Mr. Endawi."

Delenn - "Shadows! In Valenís name!"

Delenn - "They missed! They never miss!"

Susan - "They called it the bonehead maneuver. No offense."
Lennier - "None taken."

Sheridan - "You ready?"
Delenn - "No, but you may proceed anyway."

Sheridan - "Iím creating a War Council ..."

Dr Franklin - "Could someone please tell me what the hell these Shadows are?"


Garibaldi - "Zack, do me a favor and ... explain the ... missionary position to these folks."

Brother Theo - "Hello. Iím Brother Theo. Weíre going to be staying here for awhile."

Susan - "You want to live here?"
Brother Theo - "Yes. Is that so extraordinary? You live here, after all."
Susan - "Iím stationed here. Just about everyone who lives here works here."

Flinn - "Where you going?"
Lennier - "Home. I have been diagnosed with Netterís Syndrome. Since I have only 7 days to live, I thought I would return home to put my affairs in order before the end."
Flinn - "Netterís Syndrome? Iíve had a few syndromes but Iíve never heard of that one."
Lennier - "Neither had I. Apparently itís passed by physical contact."
Flinn - "Uh, I got to make a call."
Lennier - "I will do penance later."

GíKar - "From now on, I must remember to check the Babylon 5 social calendar more often."

Londo - "There is nothing political about the truth."

Garibaldi, to Susan - "May I be the first to say that this is the nuttiest idea youíve ever had?"
Susan - "Thank you."
Brother Theo - "Sshhhhh"

Londo - "We must work together."
GíKar - "No."
Londo - "What do you mean no?"
GíKar - "No."

GíKar, to Londo - "As the humans say, ĎUp yoursí."

GíKar - "Not many fishies left in the sea. Not many fishies, just Londo and me."

Garibaldi - "Weíre gonna play this by the book."
Sheridan - "Somebody just rewrote the book."

Lennier, re: saving Londo - "I fear I have served the present by sacrificing the future."

Londo - "There, you see? I am going to live!"
GíKar - "So it would seem. Well, the universe is an imperfect universe."
Londo - "Bastard."
GíKar - "Monster."
Londo - "Fanatic."
GíKar - "Murderer."
Londo - "You are insane!"
GíKar - "And that is why weíll win."
Londo - "Go, be the Ambassador to Babylon 5, they say. It will be an easy assignment. I hate my life."
GíKar - "So do I."
Londo - "Shut up!"

A Day in the Strife

Susan, to Sheridan - "With all due respect, that was Grade-A stupid."

Susan - "Did you look through my file when I came on board?"
Garibaldi - "Commander! That information is strictly off-limits!"

Londo, to NaíFar - "You may contact GíKar now."

Vir - "Itís not enough to beat them, we have to break them?"
Londo - "Yes. I thought you understood that."

Londo - "Over the last 2 years, to my considerable surprise, I have become very fond of Vir. Sometimes, in his eyes, I see a younger version of myself, before ... well, he would be better off away from here, away from what must be. He would only get in the way."
Delenn - "I think, perhaps, you need him."
Londo - "Need? I do not need anyone."

Londo - "Sometimes, I miss that we donít talk anymore, Delenn."
Delenn - "We never really talked, Londo."
Londo - "No, I suppose not."

NaíFar, to GíKar - "I have it on very good authority that you will not be harmed."

Susan - "I donít wanna get killed because of a typo. Itíd be embarrassing."

Dr Franklin - "Weíve got four hours to live and youíre worried about being rude?"

Susan - "If I live through this job without completely losing my mind, it will be a miracle of biblical proportions."
Corwin - "There goes my faith in the Almighty."

Narn - "It is better to die in the cause of freedom than life in the comfort of slavery."

GíKar - "I will stay."

Passing Through Gethsemane

Sheridan - "I believe in a little of everything. Iím ... eclectic. Open-minded."

Brother Theo - "Your Ambassador Delenn has a wonderful phrase. Faith Manages. Check. And I do believe Mate."

Sheridan - "You wanna tell me where you learned that little move?"
Brother Theo - "Divine inspiration."

Susan - "Ambassador. You wanted to see me?"
Kosh - "Yes. Formality. Ritual. You should be informed."
Susan - "Informed of what?"
Kosh - "Returning."
Lyta - "Hello, Commander. I said Iíd be back."

Brother Edward - "Death walks among you!"

Londo - "Lyta Alexander, as I live and breath!"
Lyta - "I suggest you remove your hand, Ambassador, or you wonít be doing either for much longer."

Londo - "Lyta, I understand the Psi Corps is looking for you. I would hate very much for them to find you."
Lyta - "So would I. Because Iím not with the Corps anymore. That means Iím not bound by their rules. So if someone were to turn me in, Iíd find him. And before they took me, Iíd plant a nightmare deep in his mind where no one else could find or remove it. And that person would spend every night for the rest of his life screaming."
Londo - "Fine. Keep your threats to yourself. Nightmares. They way my life has been going lately, whoíd notice?"

Delenn - "We are the universe, trying to understand itself."

Brother Edward - "Do you know what itís like to wake up one day and discover youíre a monster? A murderer?"

Brother Edward - "How can I confess my sins to God if I donít even know what they are?"

Sheridan, to Lyta - "Do it."

Brother Edward - "I always wanted to know if I would have had the courage to stay at the garden of Gethsemane. Now I know, Theo. Now I know."

Sheridan - "Where does revenge end and justice begin? Forgiveness is a hard thing, isnít it, Theo?"
Brother Theo - "I donít think anything can ever be more difficult."

Voices of Authority

Zack - "I look like a circus tent. Any minute now, a little teeny car with 16 clowns is gonna come flying out of my butt."

Delenn - "I have invited one other person to the meeting today..."

GíKar, to Delenn - "What do you know about Rangers?"

Sheridan - "Zack?"
Zack - "Yes, Sir?"
Sheridan - "Talk a walk."
Zack - "Yes, Sir."

Draal - "I like you. Youíre trouble!"
Susan - "Thank you. Nicest thing anyoneís said about me in days."

Susan - "Itís, uh, occupied."
Draal - "Hmm? Oh, yes, of course. My mistake. I spend so much time out of my body I sometimes forget where it is. If youíll excuse me."

Draal - "I must remember to dust myself once in awhile."

Susan - "I know this place. Iíve seen it on starcharts. Sigma 957. They were here. I can feel their footprints in the sand, hear their words whispered in the wind. Itís beautiful. Theyíre coming back again. Soon. I can ... Draal? Draal, somethingís wrong. Excuse me. It knows Iím here! Itís pulling me in. I canít stop it!"

Susan - "Good luck, Captain. I think youíre about to go where everyoneís gone before."

Susan - "It tells us that they understand our language. Theyíre just not willing to speak to us in it."
Marcus - "Who knew they were French?"

First One - "Zog."
Susan - "Zog? What do you mean Zog? Zog what? Zog yes, Zog no?"
Marcus - "Itís leaving. My guess is Zog means no."
Susan - "Like hell. I am not letting them leave here without saying yes."

Clark - "Iíve wanted Santiago dead for so long. I wasnít sure we could really pull it off. Youíre sure itís done?"
Morden - "Earth Force 1 will never return from I.O. The power is yours now, Clark. Mr. President."

Marcus - "How do you propose stopping them? Perhaps a great big red and white sign with the word Stop on it? Iíll put a bucket on my head and pretend to be the Ancient Vorlon god Booji."
Susan - "Thatís it!"
Marcus - "Fine. Iíll get a bucket."

Susan, to the First Ones - "Yeah, well, whatever."

Marcus - "I think youíre making them mad."
Susan - "Mmm-hmm"
Marcus - "Itís bigger than we are."
Susan - "I know."

First Ones - "When it is time, come to this place. Call our name. We will be here."

Sheridan - "The truth is out. All we can do is hope it does some good."

GíKar - "I told you I could help. The Book of GíQuan. Read it. Weíll talk afterwards."
Garibaldi - "I donít read Narn."
GíKar - "Learn."
Garibaldi - "He hates me. They all hate me. Thatís why theyíre doing this. They hate me."

Dust to Dust

Garibaldi, re: Bester - "Does he really think weíre gonna fall for that line again?"

Susan - "Computer, activate forward defense grid!"

Sheridan - "These are Minbari telepaths. Nothing like a level playing field to ruin a Psi Copsí day. Am I right, Mr. Bester?"

Bester - "Iím here to save your butts."

Londo, to Drazi - "Remember what happened to the Narn Homeworld. You would not want the same to happen to yours. Ask GíKar."
Vir - "Well. That could have gone better."

Bester, to Garibaldi - "We may be all that stands between you and the Abyss."

Vir - "Are you deliberately trying to drive me insane?"
Londo - "The universe is already mad. Anything else would be redundant."

GíKar - "Who would believe it? The great and powerful Londo Mollari got his job because no one else was stupid enough to take it!"

GíKarís father/Kosh - "I have always been here."

Bester - "We made a good team. Perhaps weíll do it again some time."
Garibaldi - "Not a chance."

GíKarís father/Kosh, to GíKar - "Some of us are to be sacrificed if all are to be saved."

Londo - "I have only seen political naivete this complete once before, in a speech before the Centarum by Lord Jarno. When he was finished, we recommended that he be sterilized in the best interests of evolution. Then we remembered that he was married to Lady Jarno, so really there was no need."

Bester, to Garibaldi - "You think of me as something bring and cheerful, full of toys and candy for young children?"


Susan - "Is there a problem?"
Sheridan - "Thatís what I want you to find out. Now that Corwinís been promoted, sooner or later, heís going to end up in our business."

Dr Franklin - "What the hell are you?"

Dr Franklin - "We may have a problem."

Garibaldi - "Donít you ever shut up?"
Marcus - "Not until I get what I want. Why? Do you think silent meditation would work better?"
Garibaldi - "Ivanovaís right. You are a pain in the ass."

Marcus - "Can I quote you?"
Garibaldi - "Yeah, sure, whatever."

Dr Franklin - "And now, youíre a part of our little family here."

Marcus - "For the record, if they kill me, this was not a good idea on my part."

Susan - "Keep em!"
Marcus - "Thank you! I will! Well, I guess thereís hope for us after all."

Messages From Earth

Dr Franklin - "There was just one ship, wasnít there?"
Dr Kirkish - "That was just the start. It gets worse."

Dr Kirkish - "They found another one of those things. This time on Ganymede. But thereís a difference. Whoeverís behind this back home doesnít want to give it back. In 3 days, theya re going to take it back to Earth, study its secrets and learn how to use it against the other races and if necessary against our own people. Thatís why I had to warn someone."

Nightwatch - "Does anyone in this room know where the Captain is?"

Sheridan - "Right now, more than anything else in the world, I wish it would rain."

Susan, to Marcus - "Ever since youíve come here weíve had nothing but trouble."

Delenn - "In Valenís name! Itís awake!"

Sheridan - "We did something to help Earth, but the way itís being reported, youíd think we were the menace."
Garibaldi - "No good deed goes unpunished."

Susan - "Why are you doing this?"
Marcus - "Did it make you laugh?"
Susan - "Yes."
Marcus - "Then my job here is done."

ISN - "To confirm earlier reports, President Clark has signed a decree today declaring Martial Law throughout Earth Central, citing threats to planetary security. Heís expected to provide information to support this action at a closed meeting of the full Earth Senate tomorrow. We repeat: Earth is now under Martial Law."

Point of No Return

Londo - "Intelligence has nothing to do with politics."

Minister - "Lady Morella has agreed to your request and will be arriving shortly."

Londo - "You. What is going on?"
Minbari - "Havenít you heard? The Earth Alliance just declared Martial Law."

General Smitz - "Clark just issued an executive order dissolving the Senate."

Hague - "Youíre on your own."

Corwin - "Howíd this happen? What did we do wrong?"
Sheridan - "I donít know, Lieutenant."

Nightwatch - "As of this moment, Babylon 5 belongs to the NightWatch."

Morella, to Londo - "Why have you asked us here?"

Londo - "I believe that I have been touched. Meant for something greater. A greater darkness or a greater good, I can no longer say. All I have ever wanted is to serve my people."

Morella - "I will honor your request, Mollari. Before I leave here, you will have your reading."

Garibaldi - "Hellís coming five steps behind me."

Garibaldi, to Zack - "Is this the way you wanted it, Zack? Is it?"

GíKar, to TaíLon - "It may take the rest of my life to explain what I saw in that one singular instant."

Londo - "Lady Morella, the tour is this way."
Morella - "Yes. It is."

GíKar, to Susan - "Iíve had ... an idea."

NightWatch - "You did the right thing, Zack, you did the right thing."

Zack - "Now."

Garibaldi - "You did the right thing, Zack."
Zack - "You know, everybody always says that. I donít know who really means it anymore, but yeah. This time, maybe I did."

Garibaldi - "Weíve got some help for a change"

GíKar - "I want in."
Sheridan - "In on what?"
GíKar - "You have been assembling a new Alliance. Do not deny it, I have been here too long not to notice. I wish to join."
Sheridan - "Iíll, uh, have to talk it over with the others."
GíKar - "Please do so. I have time. All the time in the world. Do you?"

Sheridan - "Theyíll be coming for us next, you know."
Susan - "I know. I never thought it would end like this."
Sheridan - "Me, either."

Sheridanís Speech - Point of No Return

Sheridan - "This is Captain John Sheridan, Commander of Babylon 5. We have received orders this day, April 9, 2260, from the President of the Earth Alliance, declaring a state of emergency. AS of this moment, Babylon 5 is under Martial Law. Curfew of 1900 hours will be maintained until further notice. Station personnel reserve the right to intercept and monitor communications in and out of Babylon 5. There will be stiff penalties against anyone inciting to riot or taking action against the security of this station, Earth, or any of its forces. Copies of the notice will be posted in all public places. Inquiries should be directed to Command Staff or myself. Thank you for your attention."

Sheridan, after reading speech - "I feel like I need a shower."

Lady Morellaís Prophecy - Point of No Return

Morella - "You have a chance few others will ever have, Mollari. You still have 3 opportunities to avoid the fire that waits for you at the end of your journey. Youíve already wasted two others. You must save the I that does not see. You must not kill the one who is already dead. And at the last, you must surrender yourself to your greatest fear, knowing that it will destroy you. Now, if you have failed all the others, that is your final chance for redemption."
Londo - "I donít understand."
Morella - "The future reveals itself only reluctantly, Ambassador. Take the sign for what it is. Look for it when it appears."
Londo - "I will. Thank you."
Morella - "One more thing. You will be Emperor. That part of your destiny cannot be avoided."
Londo - "I see."
Morella, to Vir - "You will also be Emperor. Why are you laughing?"
Vir - "I thought you were joking."
Morella - "We do not joke in the face of Prophecy, Vir."
Londo - "Lady Morella, please. We cannot both be the Emperor."
Morella - "Correct. One of you will become Emperor after the other is dead. That is all we see, and all we wish to see."

Severed Dreams

Major Ryan - "Thereís only one place thatís safe for us. Set course for Babylon 5."

ISN - "Xavier Montoya, head of the Mars provisional government, announced today that he will not implement the Martial Law order given 5 days ago by President Clark."

Grey Council - "The problems of others are not our concern."

CommLink - "We just intercepted a coded message from Earth Force Command. Theyíve started bombing Mars. Repeat: Theyíre bombing Mars."

Delenn - "GíKar, thank you for your help. I think you are no longer quite the same person I met when I came here four years ago."

David - "What was the first lesson I ever taught you?"
Sheridan - "Never start a fight, but always finish it."
David - "Do what you have to do, Son. Donít worry about us."

Sheridan - "Goodbye, Dad. Love to you both."

Delenn - "This is Ambassador Delenn of the Minbari. Babylon 5 is under our protection. Withdraw, or be destroyed."
Captain Drake - "Negative. We have authority here. Do not force us to engage your ships."
Delenn - "Why not? Only one human Captain has ever survived battle with a Minbari fleet. He is behind me. You are in front of me. If you value your life, be somewhere else."

Sheridanís speech - Breaking away from Earth - Severed Dreams

Sheridan - "May I have your attention, please? In the last few hours, we have learned that warships are coming this way from Earth. Their orders are to seize command of Babylon 5. As Commanding Officer and military governor of Babylon 5, I cannot allow this to happen. President Clark has violated the Earth Alliance constitution. By dissolving the Senate, declaring Martial Law, and by personally ordering the bombing of civilian targets on the Mars colony. He is personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people. Following these attacks, Orion 7 and Proxima 3 have broken away from the Earth Alliance and declared independence. Babylon 5 now joins with them. As of this moment, Babylon 5 is seceding from the Earth Alliance. We will remain an independent state until President Clark is removed from office. At the end of this current crisis, anyone who wishes to leave for Earth is free to do so. Meanwhile, for your own safety, I urge everyone to stay in your quarters until this is over. That is all."

Sheridan, to Susan - "Well, weíre in it now."

Ceremonies of Light and Dark

Sheridan - "From the stars we came, to the stars we return. From now until the end of time. We therefore commit these bodies to the deep."

Londo - "Is there anyone along our border with whom we are not currently at war?"
Lord Refa - "We need room to expand."
Londo - "Only an idiot fights a war on 2 fronts. Only the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Idiots fights a war on 12 fronts."

Londo - "One never knows when an inconvenient truth will fall between the cracks and vanish."

Lord Refa - "Why would I abandon them?"
Londo - "Because I have asked you. And because your loyalty to your people should be greater than your ambition. And because I have poisoned your drink. Yes, and it is a very interesting poison. It comes in two parts. Both are harmless on their own. Combined, quite lethal."

Londo - "To your health, Lord Refa."

Delenn - "What are you afraid of?"
Marcus - "Nothing. Well... Spiders."

Londo - "Enjoy your ceremony, Delenn. I intend to have other plans."

GíKar - "I have already been born once, and quite sufficiently, I think."

Marcus - "I donít have anything left to give."

Lennier, re: Delenn - "I love her."
Marcus - "Youíll forgive me if Iím a little surprised at your admission."

Marcus - "Itís like Iíve always said. You can get more with a kind word and a two by four than you can with just a kind word."

Garibaldi - "No one knows, but Iím afraid all the time of what I might do if I ever let go."

Susan - "I think I loved Talia."

Franklin - "I think I have a problem."

Lennier - "Before you go, as part of the ceremony, Delenn had something made for you. I think she was expecting your actions. The gifts are waiting for you in your quarters."

Sheridan - "Whatís the matter? Havenít you ever seen someone whoís been reborn before?"

Sic Transit Vir

Regent - "What is more dangerous than a locked room full of angry Narns?"
Vir - "I donít know. What is more dangerous than a locked room full of angry Narns?"
Regent - "One angry Narn with a key!"

Vir - "If kisses could kill, that one would have flattened several small towns."

Vir, to Susan - "We have six, uh ... we have six, you see?"

Susan - "Six. Wow!"

Lyndisty - "Everyone knows that wherever thereís trouble, thereís always a Narn at the center of it. Thatís all they are, you know, trouble. Itís not their fault. Theyíre simply ... inferior. Itís genetics. Theyíre lazy. They foul their own nests. Everything they touch falls apart. Hence, my original conclusion. The sooner theyíre dealt with, the better for everyone."

Lyndisty - "Iíve done it hundreds of times myself."

Sheridan - "I hereby appoint you the official Babylon 5 Sneak in Residence."
Susan - "Thank you!"
Sheridan - "Now get the hell out of my chair."
Susan - "And may I say, sir, from the bottom of my heart, that you make an absolutely charming Centauri."

Vir - "Well, what relationships donít have their ups and downs?"

A Late Delivery From Avalon

Thug - "I got friends."
GíKar - "Thatís all right. So does he!"

Arthur - "You shall be known as Sir GíKar, the Red Knight."

Marcus - "Mr. Garibaldi is quite put out."
Franklin - "Mr. Garibaldi is always put out."

GíKar - "They made a very agreeable thump. Did I mention that?"

Franklin - "Youíd think Iíd learn one of these days I canít fix everything."

Marcus - "Whoís the Lady of the Lake?"

Marcus - "I hate good-byes!"

Marcus - "Iíll miss him."
Franklin - "Even if he wasnít Arthur?"
Marcus - "Now, now. Next thing youíll be saying is he{Kosh} is not Merlin."

Ship of Tears

Bester - "You know if this keeps up, Iím going to start thinking people around here just donít like me."

Susan, to Sheridan - "Weíve got a problem with GíKar."

Sheridan, to Bester - "Try not to drool on the controls."

Sheridan - "Mister Bester."
Bester - "Captain Sheridan."
Sheridan - "Get the hell out of my chair."

Bester - "Sheís carrying my child."

Garibaldi - "A book this important, you would think would have an index."

GíKar - "Do not thump the book of GíQuan. It is disrespectful."

Susan - "The Shadows have just started attacking Brakiri space openly. Theyíre not hiding anymore. Theyíre finally on the move."

Interludes and Examinations

Susan - "August 3rd, 2260. Ten days ago, for the first time, the Shadows began attacking openly. So far, theyíve been hitting targets close to the Rim, the minor powers, a few in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. The attacks seem totally random, senseless. If we thought it was nuts around here before, this has only made things worse. Weíve had to hire more security personnel to keep things calm, make sure the wrong type of people donít get on board. But without our resources back home for background checks, we have to assume there will be lapses. Everyoneís been handling the stress pretty well. Sooner or later, somethingís got to give somewhere. Nobodyís seen Kosh in almost a week. When the Vorlon goes to ground, I worry. Whatís going through his - itís? - mind? I canít even guess. And Londo ... Londo is Londo. You never know which way heíll jump next."

Sheridan - "Ever day, people around here are talking more and more like Kosh."

Morden - "Anything I can do to help?"
Vir - "Short of dying? No, canít think of a thing."

Sheridan, to Kosh - "Who the hell do you think you are?"

Kosh - "Leave. Now."
Sheridan - "No."
Kosh - "Disobedient."
Sheridan - "Up yours!"

Sheridan - "Unless your people get off their encounter-suited butts and do something, Iíve got nothing to lose."

Kosh - "I will do as you ask. But there is a price to pay. I will not be there to help you when you go to ZíHaíDum."
Sheridan - "You already said if I go to ZíHaíDum, Iíll die."
Kosh - "Yes. Now."

Sheridan - "Iíll go it alone."
Kosh - "You do not understand. But you will."

Londo - "Gods, Vir. I feel happy. I had almost forgotten what it was like."

Kosh/David, to Sheridan - "As long as youíre here, Iíll always be here."

Londo - "Everyone around me dies, Mr. Morden, except the oneís that most deserve it."

Londo - "All I want now is revenge."

Londo - "Let the rest of the galaxy burn. I do not care anymore."

Franklin - "Effectively immediately, I am resigning as chief of staff of the MedLab facility."

War Without End, pt 1

Rathenn, to Sinclair - "How did he know that you would be here? How did he know your name?"

Rathenn - "Where Delenn points, I follow. She pointed to you."

Rathenn - "I have the strangest feeling. I will never see him again."
Vorlon - "He is the closed circle. He is returning to the beginning."
Rathenn - "The beginning of what?"

Garibaldi - "Time doesnít work right in there."

Zack - "Commander Sinclair!"
Sinclair - "Ambassador Sinclair now. Well, until all hell broke loose back home. Itís Zack, isnít it?"
Zack - "Yes, sir. I came aboard just before you were promoted. Itís good to see you again, sir."
Sinclair - "Thank you. Itís good to be back."
Zack - "Will you be staying long?"
Sinclair - "That is a far more interesting question than you might suspect."

Delenn - "Time is all we have."

Sheridan - "The way things have been going lately, Iíve decided to start taking Ivanova lessons."

Sinclair - "Well, looks like I got here just in time."

Sinclair - "My being here is as much of a surprise to me as it is to you."
Sheridan - "Is it?"

Marcus - "Delenn, are you saying we stole Babylon 4?"

Delenn - "If we fail to save Babylon 4, Babylon 5 will also be destroyed."

Sinclair - "Letís just say that my information comes from a very reliable source."

Marcus - "If EntilíZha believes it, I believe it."
Susan - "Iíll be in the car."

Garibaldi - "Eight days from now we go straight to hell."

Sinclair - "I think we work well together, like Butch and Sundance. Lewis and Clark. Lucy and Ethel."

Sheridan - "Lucy and Ethel?"

Zathras - "Sorry. Much apologizings."

Sinclair - "Do you understand?"
Zathras - "Zathras understand. No, Zathras not understand. But Zathras do. Zathras good at doings, not understandings."

Zathras - "Zathras not supposed to mention One. Or the One. Oh. You never heard that."

Sinclair - "One last thing, Captain. On our way out, Iím going to need a favor."

Sheridan - "You donít want to talk to him?"
Sinclair - "More than youíll ever know."

Sinclair - "Goodbye, old friend."

Sheridan - "As my great grandfather used to say, cool!"

Zathras - "He is unstuck in time."

Zathras - "Zathras can never have anything nice."

Emperor Mollari - "Welcome back from the Abyss, Sheridan."

Emperor Mollari - "During your little war, you drove away the Shadows, oh yes. But you did not think to clean up your mess."

Zathras - "Zathras is used to being beast of burden to other peoples needs. Very sad live. Probably have very sad death. But, at least there is symmetry."

Sinclair - "Ready?"
Delenn - "Why do your people always ask if someone is ready, right before they are about to do something massively unwise?"
Sinclair - "Tradition."

War Without End, pt 2

Emperor Mollari - "Sheridan. Make your peace with whatever gods you worship. You will meet them next time I send for you."

President Delenn - "Our son is safe."

Emperor Mollari - "We all have our keepers, you see."

Emperor Mollari - "You are there, my old friend?"
GíKar - "Yes."

President Delenn - "Do not go to ZíHaíDum."

Susan - "Doesnít anything come under warranty anymore?"

Anna Sheridan - "Hello."

Susan - "Weíre running out of time!"
Zathras - "Cannot run out of time. There is infinite time. You are finite. Zathras is finite. This is wrong tool."

Marcus, to Sheridan - "But if youíre here, whose running around out there in a blue suit?"

Sinclair - "My whole life has been leading to this."

Delenn - "If my people had found Babylon 4 with a human on board, they would never have accepted it."
Marcus - "Dear God. A Minbari not born of Minbari!"

Sinclair/Valen - "I am called Valen. And we have much work ahead of us."


Londo - "What guarantee will you give me that the cruiser will not open fire on a Centauri vessel as it approaches Babylon 5, hmm?"
Garibaldi - "Itís the same guarantee I gave when I said that none of the other Narns would break into your quarters in the middle of the night and slit your throat."
Londo - "Mr. Garibaldi, youíve never given me that promise."
Garibaldi - "Youíre right. Sleep tight."

Susan - "Ambassador Kosh is dead."
Ulkesh - "We are all Kosh."
Sheridan - "Well, heís a Vorlon all right."
Susan - "Yep."

Ulkesh - "Follow."

Ulkesh - "IS there a problem?"
Lyta - "What?"
Sheridan - "I said is there a problem?"
Lyta - "No. No, everythingís fine."

Franklin - "What do you see?"
Cailyn - "Just pieces. Hasnít worked yet."
Franklin - "Maybe it worked better than you think it did."

Grey 17 is Missing

Susan - "For all its size, itís not like anyone can hide out here for very long."

Lennier - "Delenn, heís planning to kill you."
Delenn - "That is one interpretation."

Marcus - "So ... you must be Neroon."

Neroon - "During the war, I killed 50,000 of you. Whatís one more?"

Neroon, to Delenn - "They would die for you, EntilíZha."

Marcus, to Neroon - "Next time you want a revelation, could you possibly find a way that isnít quite so uncomfortable?"

And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place

Susan - "Their safety has already been guaranteed."
GíKar - "Iím sure that will be a great comfort to their grief-stricken families when a Shadow agent carves them up into spare body parts."

Brother Theo - "Iíve heard you sing, Will, and take my word for it. That is not what the good Lord had in mind when he said ĎMake a joyful noiseí."

Vir - "I have some information. Itís about NaíToth."

Brother Theo - "He said something nice about me! I must write this down in my diary!"

Delenn - "The White Star was never intended to be one of a kind. It was only the first."

***note - First Kiss of John and Delenn in real-time***

Shadow Dancing

Marcus, to Susan - "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

Susan - "Thatís a lot of ships."
Marcus - "Thatís a bloody awful lot of ships."

Susan - "Well, who wants to live forever?"
Marcus - "I do, actually. But what the hell? Signal away."

Garibaldi - "Well, as revelations go, I guess Iíve heard worse."

Susan - "You are the hand? What the hellís that supposed to mean? And why would I say something as dopey as that?"

Anna Sheridan - "Hello. You must be Delenn. Iím Anna Sheridan. Johnís wife."


Delenn - "Minbari also have a phrase. What is past is sometimes future."

Anna - "I know thereís a lot you donít understand, but Iím here to fix that." (see Sleeping in Light for a double meaning).

Anna - "All you have to do is come with me."
Sheridan - "Where?"
Anna - "Where else? To ZíHaíDum."

Vir - "Tell me whatís wrong."
Londo - "Oh, Gods, Vir. Iíve been promoted."

Anna - "Then you will go with me to ZíHaíDum?"
Sheridan - "Iíll go."

Kosh - "If you go to ZíHaíDum, you will die."

Dr Franklin - "Thereís a problem with Anna."

Sheridan - "Delenn, by the time you get this message, Iíll be at ZíHaíDum, with Anna."

Justin - "The only thing standing in our way is you. So we can either work together now or we can remove your support mechanism."

Sheridan - "I love you, Delenn. Good-bye."

Kosh - "Jump. Jump now!"

Corwin - "One of the pilots we sent out didnít come back."
Susan - "Who was the pilot?"
Corwin - "Mr. Garibaldi."

GíKarís speech - season finale - ZíHaíDum

GíKar - "It was the end of the Earth year 2260, and the war had paused, suddenly and unexpectedly. All around us, it was as if the universe were holding its breath, waiting. All of life can be broken down into moments of transition, or moments of revelation. This had the feeling of both. GíQuan wrote ĎThere is a greater darkness than the one we fight. It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its wayí. The war we fight is not against powers or principalities, it is against chaos and despair. Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams. Against this peril we can never surrender. The future is all around us, waiting in moments of transition, to be born in moments of revelation. No one knows the shape of that future, or where it will take us. We know only that it is always born in pain."