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On-Set Pix


Above pix taken By Michael Cairns in Orlando, Florida

Hans' senior class picture for The Master's Academy.

On-Set Pix

Love, Hollywood Style - Hans played a Demon in the Hell sequence.

Carnivale - On the set of the new HBO series Carnivale, set during the 1930's.

Sheena - On the set of "Sheena", a TV series that was shot in Orlando, Florida. This was on the last day of filming the second season. Gena Lee Nolin was really fun to work with, as well as the rest of the cast and crew!

Sheena - Laila Ali and Hans on the set.

In Enemy Hands - On the set of "U-Boat", now called "In Enemy Hands." I loved working on this film, it has a great cast featuring names like William H. Macy, Scott Caan, Lauren Holly, Til Schweiger, Matt Lindquist, and Jeremy Sisto. The film is set during World War II aboard a German submarine. "In Enemy Hands" is being distributed by Artisan Entertainment and Splendid Pictures in 2004! **"In Enemy Hands" was released in theaters in Signapore on March 25th 2004. Still waiting for a US theatrical release!**

Hans at the wheel on the set of U-Boat.

Hans and Til Schweiger on the set of "U-Boat."

Hans and William H. Macy on the set of "U-Boat." William plays Nate, a prisoner of war on board our U-Boat.

Matt Lindquist and Hans on the set of U-Boat. Matt plays the German medic aboard the ship.

Alias - On the set of "Alias" at Disney Studios. Jennifer Garner was so fun to work with and she was so kind enough to take a photo with me! She is truly a genuine sweetheart!!

The O.C. - Me goofing around on the set of "The O.C" on location in Palos Verdes, California. At one point during the filming, the golfers down the hill started hitting golf balls on purpose towards the set, I nearly got nailed by one! Close call!

The O.C. - Me and my friend Marnie Capurro on "The O.C."

Joan of Arcadia - This was taken with my friend's cell phone camera on the set of "Joan of Arcadia."

Hans on the set in Hollywood of "The Aviator" - Starring Leonardo DiCaprio; Directed by Martin Scorsese. Unfortunatley, the scene was cut that day and we never got a chance to work!! The period costumes were nice though!

Hans at Stage 6 Fox Studios for the show "Oliver Beene"

Hans during a lunch break on "Oliver Beene."

Hans and Grant Rosenmeyer, the star of "Oliver Beene" on the very last day of the season 2.

Hans on the set at CBS Radford Studios for "That 70's Show!"

Hans and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) after a live audience filming of "That 70's Show!"

Hans and Peter MacNicol on the set of "The Lyon's Den."

Hans and Macaulay Culkin in New York City 2001. This was taken on my senior trip in high school. I ran into him at one of his favorite restaurants.

Hans and Joey Fatone on the set of "The Bros." soon to be released hopefully!

Hans as Elwood P. Dowd, his first lead role on the stage production of "Harvey" for The Master's Academy.

Chris Foster, Hans and Thomas Bolick getting ready backstage for the stage production of "Harvey"

Randy Spelling, Hans, and Zachary Ty Bryan on "Held For Ransom".

Hans as John Northrop on "The Haunting of Misty Creek".

Hans on American Bandstand for the TV series "American Dreams".

Hans with Tom Green after a special lecture featuring Tom Green as the guest speaker at AIA Actor's Studio in Burbank.