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ISN Anchor Desk - Babylon 5 Authors

During the end of May and beginning of June 2000, I sent a letter to every B5 and StarGate-related author, with SASE and book labels, requesting an autograph for each book I have of theirs (i.e. Robert Sheckley I had a few Aliens books and one B5, but Kathryn M Drennan, I have only 1 book). The overall results were, to say the least, extremely disappointing.

I am used to Trek authors who, while sometimes very slow, respond to people writing them. Unfortunately, with the single exception of Robert Sheckley, *NONE* of the authors responded.

These are the authors:

5/19 - John Vornholt (Pocket)
5/19 - Peter David (Pocket)
5/19 - Bill McCay (ROC - StarGate)
5/19 - Asheley McConnell (ROC - StarGate)
6/2 - S. M Stirling (Dell)
6/2 - Neal Barret Jr (Dell)
6/2 - Jim Mortimore (Dell)
6/2 - Al Sarrantonio (Dell)
6/2 - Kathryn M Drennan (Dell)
6/2 - Lois Tilton (Dell)
6/2 - Robert Sheckley (Del Rey) -- RESPONCE RECEIVED 6/12
6/2 - Jeanne Cavelos (Dell)
6/2 - J. Gregory Keyes (Del Rey)

I must thank Robert Sheckley again, as I received his autograph in record time ... My letter left on 6/2, went to New York City, then to him in Washington state, and a response back to me in 10 total days.

The others, however ... disappointed this fan greatly, and I almost feel as though it was a waste of time writing them, a waste of money in postage, and left a very bitter taste in my mouth for buying books of theirs again in the future.

Your results may vary ... but that's what happened to me.

Update 1/27/02 - I actually heard from the editor of the StarGate books yesterday. A year and a half after writing them, I get a form letter which says that "due to decreasing sales, we have decided to discontinue the StarGate series of books."