Real First Name – Anthony
Age - 17
Birthday – 03/13/86
Hometown –Valatie, NY
Degree/Education – Working on it. :-p
Occupation - Student
Apt or House - House
Married/Long Term Relationship - Nope
Fav. Trek Series – TOS, TNG, DS9, TAS
Fav. Trek movie(s) – TMP, TWOK, TUC (though I like them all)
Current Fav. Band/Artist – Too many, mostly 80’s
All-Time Fav. Band/Artist – none in particular.
Do you have AIM ? – Yes
^ If so, what is your messenger address? - BlackBackDrop
Coke or Pepsi - Pepsi
PC Games or Console – Both. (but not often)
Gay/Bi/Undecided/Straight – Is it possible to say all 4 and get reaction shots of the crowd?
Xander or Tara with Willow – IDK?
What do you Collect? - Videos
Anything else you'd like to share? – Not now.