Trekbbs Name - FrontLine
Real First Name - Joe
Age - 33
Birthday - Septermber 18
Hometown - Tampa. FL
Degree/Education - BS in Computer Science
Occupation - Engineer, Dad
Apt or House - House
Married/long term relationship - Married
Kids - 3 little monsters
Fav. Trek series - TNG
Fav. non-Trek series - Theres other stuff on TV?
Fav. Trek movie(s) - TWOK and FC.
Fav. non-Trek movie(s) - Way too big of a list
Fav. Author(s) - Tom Clancy
Current Fav. Band/Artist - Toby Keith
All Time Fav. Band/Artist - The Who
Do you have MSN/AIM/ICQ/Yahoo! Messengers? - Yup
^ If so, what is your messenger address? - AIM: JoeMcInTpa Yahoo!: JoeMcInTpa
Coke or Pepsi - Coke
PC Games or Console - either
Gay/Bi/Undecided/Straight -
Xander or Tara with Willow - Dunno
What do you collect? - Movies and dirty kids clothes left all over the house
What else do you do? : Hunting, Fishing, Target Shooting, reading, camping, Boating, play with my kids
Anything else you'd like to share? - Like there arent enough questions already?