USS ShithaulerUSS Shithauler, view 2

USS Shithauler - Defiant-class, commanded by Flaptain Partsking

USS Ascension

USS Ascension - Prometheus-class, commanded by Flaptain PsychoPere. First Officer and Tacticle/Chief of Security is Commander Remington. Chief Engineer is Canibalistic Binar, and Ops Officer is Lt. Cmdr kathryn i am.

USS Resolution Resolution's escort ship, USS Edible Thong Resolution's escort ship, USS Vigilant

USS Resolution - Commanded by Commodore Dr. Phlox. Alaska class. NCC-64541, Quantum Torpedoes, four tubes. 16 phaser strips. 2 shuttlebays. Max warp: 9.975 Not sure what else there is to say unless you count those plasma verteron condom machines with re-routed EPS conduits for extra ribbing, strenth and protection. USS Edible Thong - Escort ship for the Resolution. It is Challenger class, NCC-57651, with Photon Torpedoes (1 tube facing forward, another facing aft), 14 phaser strips, 2 shuttlebays, and a max. warp of 9.2. This is the oldest of the 3 ships. And finally, the USS Vigilant, the other escort ship. This is a Nebula-class variant, NCC-71263. It comes equipped with Photon Torpedoes, 4 tubes, 16 phaser strips, 2 shuttlebays, and a max warp of 8.9

USS Bondage, view 1USS Bondage, View 2

USS Bondage - Commanded by Commodore Kass, the Fleet Secretary of Spanking

USS Excelsior

USS Excelsior - Commanded by Flaptain Aeon X. Pisser-Offer is T'Baio.

USS VengeanceVengeance, view 2

USS Vengeance - Akira-class, commanded by Captain Expendable Crewman

USS Ethel Merman

USS Ethel Merman - Ambassador-class, commanded by Captain A Resequenced Photon

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USS Vehemence - Commanded by Captain Chewie

USS Dingleberry

USS Dingleberry - Klingon Bird-of-Prey, commanded by Captain SnuglyBag of Mostly Water. Official Ship's Masseuse and Head of Recreation and Relaxation is Captain_Nick.

USS FrostyVulcanFrostyVulcan, view 2

USS FrostyVulcan - Intrepid-class, commanded by Captain Hoshi

USS Continuity

USS Continuity - Defiant-class, commanded by Flaptain T'Dax.

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USS Sitting Duck - Commanded by Captain Scapermoon

Negh'Var, view 1Negh'Var, view 2

IKS Negh'Var-A - Commanded by Captain Randomperson

USS Tempus Fugit

USS Tempus Fugit - Prometheus-class, commanded by Captain kgibsonuk

CourageousCourageous, view 2Courageous, view 3

USS Courageous - Commanded by Flaptain Sci

Oh My Sweet Jesus, view 1Oh My Sweet Jesus, view 2

USS Oh My Sweet Jesus We Have a Hull Breach!!! - Commanded by Commodore ShimmeringNebula.


USS Havoc-A - Sovereign-class, commanded by Flaptain realsherlock, the FOI's mercenary.

George W. Bush

USS George W. Bush - This Ronald Reagan-class garbage scow is commanded by Flaptain Sci. Her top speed is Warp 3.5, and even though her chief engineer says there's nothing wrong with her, she always veers to the right when she's not supposed to. But she's really good at being full of garbage!

USS Millard Fillmore

USS Millard Fillmore - This Nebula-class starship is commanded by Captain ParticleMan.

Starbase 666, commanded by Hellsgate

Starbase 666 - Commanded by Hellsgate, Starbase 666 is a pivotal centre of the Federation's R&D, circa 2378.