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Season One

Number Title Airdate Link Direct MP3 link
One Midnight on the Firing Line 10/08/08 Link mp3
Two Soul Hunter 10/22/08 Link mp3
Three Born to the Purple 02/04/09 Link mp3
Four Infection 02/11/09 Link mp3
Five The Parliament of Dreams 02/18/09 Link mp3
Six Mind War 02/25/09 Link mp3
Seven The War Prayer 03/05/09 Link mp3
Eight And the Sky, Full of Stars 3/11/09 Link mp3
Nine Deathwalker 3/29/09 Link mp3
Ten Believers 4/08/09 Link mp3
Eleven Survivors
Twelve By Any Means Necessary
Thirteen Signs and Portents
Fourteen TKO
Fifteen Grail
Sixteen Eyes
Seventeen Legacies
Eighteen A Voice in the Wilderness 1
Nineteen A Voice in the Wilderness 2
Twenty Babylon Squared
Twenty-One The Quality of Mercy
Twenty-Two Chrysalis


Number Title Airdate Link Direct MP3 link
0.1 Promo 1 10/04/08 Link mp3
0.2 Promo 2 10/05/08 Link mp3
0.3 Promo 3 2/03/09 Link mp3
0.4 Sarah Douglas Interview 4/13/09 Link mp3
0.5 All-Feedback episode #1 4/19/09 Link mp3

Disclaimer - Warner Bros owns the universe. We're just playing with it, and we thank them for producing a show we love to talk about.