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People To Avoid

As is typical in life, there are people that you meet that you wish you never had. The people on this page are prime examples of those induhviduals you should avoid.

First up is Deneice. It's actually spelled "Denise" but her mother was too stupid to spell her name correctly. She worked at Utell with me, and was a total pain in the ass. I recently heard the word "hood-rat" and let me tell you, she fits the bill. She IS a hood-rat. If you're not familiar with the term, in simple terms it means she sleeps around, with anyone and everyone she can get her paws on, especially if it means she can get a promotion. Fortunately, they fired her ass when they FINALLY got a clue. It wasn't soon enough. She is still out there, being a bitch and tramping it up. Avoid her at all costs!

Next up is Sharon Alexander. Oh, where do I begin with this one? She was my roommate. She was actually the roommate-from-hell. She lied about me, stole things from me, and left on the day before every bill we had came due - and some were already late. We were roommates from 1995 until December 2000. She kept borrowing and borrowing more and more, so bad that when she left, she owed me $1500.00 .... She sold me her stereo system for fifty bucks, in order to have something to eat. Of course she stole that when she left. That was at the beginning of December. I had pneumonia, but was going to work anyway (was she? of course not), and came home to find her gone, with a note that said she wouldn't have money for rent - the next day - and all of her stuff gone, and a bunch of mine as well. Last I heard, she was in Arizona, living off her dead father's widow. She is a lazy bitch and should be avoided at all costs. If you come near her, check your wallet!