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ISN Anchor Desk - Pictures Page 2


Bradley Haumont


Joyce (Thomas's Mom)

LuShawn, aka Nyn


Vacation Pix

From left - Me, Grandpa, Marty, Grandma (sitting) at Yellowstone

Old Faithful

A Waterfall in Colorado

My view of the Grand Tetons

Pix from my Confirmation

Yes, believe it or not, I was once involved in the church. Hey, we all have that "weird" stage!

From left - Jen, me, Buffy Maxwell, Mason Hansen, Jeff Hansen, Bruce Hansen, Dindy Cunard, with paster Murray in back.

From left, Uncle Tom, Aunt Arlene, Aunt Dorothy, and Grandpa Don.

This picture is probably the single most traumatic picture I have. On the left is my Grandma Peggy, with me sitting there in blue. Next to me, though .... That's my Great-Grandma Helen, and my Great-Grandpa Clyde. They aren't with us anymore, and I miss them terribly. I didn't even realize I had this picture, until I went through an album and found it. This is the only picture I have of them that I know of. I love you, grandma and grandpa.

I'm on the left, with Grandpa Don in the middle (as always) and Grandma Peggy on the right. This is a really good picture of her, even if you can't see her eyes! :)

Another view of the first pic. Uncle Tom (he isn't with us anymore either, sadly), Aunt Arlene, Aunt Dorothy, and Grandpa.

Now isn't this the cutest baby you've ever seen? This is me when I was just a baby, with my Grandma Peggy. I think I may have had more hair then! :)

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