James Knox Polk - President

Final resting place:

Tennessee State Capitol
Nashville, TN

Polk was the 11th President of the United States. He may be best-known for adding Oregon to the Union, thus stretching the country from ocean to ocean. He stated his intentions were to go in and have a single term in office. After four years, that's exactly what he did. He did not run again, and was succeeded briefly by Zachary Taylor.

Polk was originally buried at a childhood home. When the home was torn down (seriously? Who does that to a President's home?), the bodies of James and his wife were moved to the State Capitol. It can be challenging to get to, since it's not marked, and the people working there are busy running the government. So ... There is exactly one visitor's parking lot next to the capital. Look for the single parking space marked for a handicapped vehicle. In front of that spot is a sidewalk that stretches in front of the Capital. Take that sidewalk around to the other side. It'll take you right there. Bonus - no stairs to climb. If you take any other way, you'll have to climb up or down several sets of stairs!

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