Andrew Johnson - President

Final resting place:

121 Monument Ave
Greeneville, TN

Johnson was Abraham Lincoln's Vice President. Following Lincoln's assassination, Johnson became the 17th President of the United States. Though he may be even more famous as the President who survived not one but two impeachment attempts.

It may not look it, but it's a PAIN walking up those steps. See, I wasn't aware that the place officially closes at 5 or so. Due to numerous construction projects along the way, I had to take many detours, and arrived later than planned, but only a half-hour or hour after closing time. What does that mean? It means I couldn't drive in.

They didn't lock the gate, though. So I walked in. It's extremely easy to find. I mean, it's at the top of the hill, as you can see. But the stairs are not maintained well. They're falling apart, and they're steep, so be prepared for a climb. And if anyone asks, you're just popping out of your tomb to do some haunting. That always goes over well.

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