"A toast, to absent friends, In Memory, Still Bright"

Ian Abercrombie
11 Sept 1934 through 26 Jan 2012
was the Ambassador Correlimurzon in "Acts of Sacrifice".
Michael Ansara
15 April 1922 through 31 July 2013
was the Techno-Mage Elric in "The Geometry of Shadows."
Lewis Arquette
14 Dec 1935 through 10 Feb 2001
portrayed General Smits in the episode "Point of No Return"
Majel Barrett
23 Feb 1932 through 18 Dec 2008
Majel played Lady Morella, widow to the Centauri Emperor.
Turhan Bey
30 March 1922 to 30 September 2012
played the Centauri Emperor Turhan in "Coming of Shadows" and Turval in "Learning Curve"
Theodore Bikel
02 May 1924 to 21 July 2015
played both Rabbi Koslov in "TKO" and the wise Lenonn in "In the Beginning."
Richard Biggs
18 Mar 1960 to 22 May 2004
Portrayed Dr. Stephen Franklin through 5 years of Babylon 5, plus an appearance in the spinoff Crusade
Howard Block
29 June 1925 to 05 Feb 2005
Howard was a Cinematographer and camera operator for Babylon 5. In addition, he was a Director of Photography on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Roy Brocksmith
15 Sep 1945 to 16 Dec 2001
portrayed Brother Alwyn in the fourth season episode "Deconstruction of Falling Stars"
Tim Choate
11 Oct 1954 to 24 Sep 2004
played Zathras in four episodes, as well as Polix in the spin-off Crusade episode "Rules of the Game"
Richard Compton
02 Mar 1938 through 11 Aug 2007
Richard directed the pilot movie The Gathering, as well as several first season episodes.
Jeff Conaway
05 Oct 1950 to 27 May 2011
A series regular, Jeff played the Security officer and, later, chief, Zack Allen. He is also well-known for roles in Grease and Taxi.
Jeff Corey
10 Aug 1914 to 16 Aug 2002
played the Shadow agent Justin in the episode "Z'Ha'Dum"
Silvana Gallardo
13 January 1953 to 02 January 2012
played Maya Hernandez in "Believers"
Trevor Goddard
14 Oct 1962 to 7 June 2003
played Trace in "Learning Curve"
Donna Hardy
1914 through 13 Feb 2011
Donna (credited as 'Dona Hardy') portrayed the old woman whose picture frame was stolen, before King Arthur and G'Kar freed and returned it to her, in "A Late Delivery From Avalon."
Andreas Katsulas
18 May 1946 to 13 Feb 2006
was Ambassador G'Kar through the entire series as well as the only returning castmember for "Legend of the Rangers"
Kip King
11 Aug 1937 through 15 July 2010
Kip played Leo in the movie "ThirdSpace."
Campbell Lane
1935 - 30 January 2014
Campbell played the uncredited Alien Captain in Legend of the Rangers
Peter Ledger
25 October 1945 to 18 November 1994
Peter was an artist. He was a painter, designer, and creator of worlds. And without him, the Babylon 5 we all know and love would not exist. You see, while JMS was shopping the series around to the studios, and continually being turned down, he turned to Peter for help. JMS commissioned Peter to create the Babylon 5 logo, as well as conceptual artwork showing the station itself and interiors, including the character designs for the pilot "The Gathering." We all owe a great debt of gratitude to him.

You can see small versions of his conceptual work here. In addition, his wife, Christy Marx, who wrote the first season episode "Grail" has a memorial to him here.
Stephen Lee
11 November 1955 to 14 August 2014
Played Tharg in "Believers"
Lance LeGault
2 May 1935 to 10 September 2012
Played Senator Jacob Redway in Crusade
J. J. Linsalata
24 March 1944 through 27 Apr 2009
J.J. (also credited as 'Joseph N. Linsalata') was the Second Assistant Director on the pilot movie, "The Gathering."
Victor Lundin
15 June 1930 through 29 June 2013
played the Psi Corp in "Ephiphanies"
Gus Lynch
2 October 1972 through 1 December 2014
played the Drazi "Tirk" in Legend of the Rangers
Lee Mathis
10 Mar 1952 to 01 May 1996
played Fighter #1 in "Signs and Portents"
Khin-Kyaw Maung
12 July 1948 through 28 Sep 2010
portrayed the worker in "Falling Toward Apotheosis"
Brian McDermott
23 Jul 1934 to 05 Nov 2003
played Durhan in "Learning Curve"
Greg McKinney
07 Feb 1957 to 12 Apr 1998
played Walker Smith in the first season episode "TKO"
John McPherson
30 December 1941 to 21 December 2007
John directed the episode "The Summoning"
Aubrey Morris
01 June 1926 to 15 July 2015
was Duncan in "Exogenesis"
Lois Nettleton
6 August 1929 to 18 January 2008
played Daggair, Londo's eldest wife in "Soul Mates". She's also well known for her roles in the classic Twilight Zone and Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.
Christine Noonan
1943 through 2005
portrayed the Business Woman in "Moments of Transition."
Michael O'Hare
6 May 1952 to 28 September 2012
Played series lead Jeffrey Sinclair
Nicholas R. Oleson
23 Feb 1966 to 02 Jun 1997
portrayed Thug #1 in "Shadow Dancing"
Shirley Prestia
18 August 1947 to 8 October 2011
played Barbara in "Shadow Dancing"
Rex Ryon
05 Apr 1953 to 19 Apr 2005
played the First Man in the Crusade episode "The Long Road"
Robin Sachs
05 Feb 1951 through 01 Feb 2013
Played the Minbari leaders Hedronn and Coplann, as well as Na'Kal, and Na'Tok. He will also be familiar as the "bad guy" Sarris in Galaxy Quest.
Johnny Sekka
21 July 1934 through 14 Sep 2006
portrayed the Doctor, Benjamin Kyle, in the pilot movie "The Gathering."
Robert Sheckley
16 July 1928 through 9 Dec 2005
Robert was the writer who novelized the movie A Call to Arms.
John Stears
25 August 1934 to 28 June 1999
John was the special effects coordinator for Babylon 5. In addition, his special effects resume includes Star Wars, for which he won an Oscar for visual effects.
Tony Steedman
1927 to 04 Feb 2001
played Dr. Jacobs in "Hunter, Prey"
Malachi Throne
01 Dec 1928 through 13 Mar 2013
portrayed the Centauri Prime Minister Malachi.
Paul Winfield
22 May 1941 to 07 Mar 2004
played General Franklin in "GROPOS"
Edward Woodward
1 June 1930 through 16 Nov 2009
portrayed the Techno-Mage Alwyn in Crusade.
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr
30 November 1918 through 2 May 2014
portrayed William Edgars through the fourth season.
Special thanks to Christy Marx for the use of Peter Ledger's picture, AmyG for the pictures of Andreas, and Hallalla's Bond Site for the picture of John Stears.