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Director Filmography

Hans at the New York Film Academy in Hollywood

In September 2002, Hans started a two month intensive training program at the New York Film Academy, learning how to direct, shoot and edit films. The New York Film Academy is located on the Universal Studios backlot in Universal City, California. This location is a great advantage to film students because they get to shoot their student films on a real working backlot on the actual sets that were used in many feature films.

Hans on the Jurassic Park III set at Universal Studios, directing his first short film.

Hans graduated from the New York Film Academy on November 29th 2002 at the Charles Aidikoff Theater in Beverly Hills, California.

Hans setting up a shot for another production at the New York Film Academy.

Hans at the editing suite, editing his film "A Second Chance" at the New York Film Academy.

Hans and pal Raul having a "beer" break during one of the production workshops at the New York Film Academy. The house we used for this project was also the house they used in the recently released film "The Hulk".

Here is the list of films he directed at the New York Film Academy:

"LemJ" - Starring Eneida Hatch, Hans Hernke, and Chris Verdiglione. His first short film, only 1 minute long, named after his favorite teacher in high school! Shot right outside his apartment building in Burbank, California!

"A Blessing" - Starring Scott Tomasso, Elizabeth Bond. This film is a story about September 11th, 2001. Set in Boston, the husband awakes that morning, turns on the news on only to find out his wife was on one of the flights that slammed into the Twin Towers; however, there is a greatful blessing, a twist at the end of the story.

"Jurassic Proposal" - Starring Chris Verdiglione and Wendy Sayers. This film was directed on the Jurassic Park III set at Universal Studios, it's a funny short film about a couple who wanders into this mysterious complex in the jungle and for no apparent reason, the man proposes to her, but theres twist at the end!

"The Cop and The Pedestrian" - Starring Hans Hernke, Virgil Carter and Eric Horn. This is a music video about a trouble maker pedestrian and a cop (Played by Eddie Murphy's stunt double, Virgil Carter) on the beat. It's a wild goose chase to the music from the hit film "Snatch." Yet again , there's a twist at the end of this film as well.

"A Second Chance" - Starring Mark Weiler, Tom Sullivan, and Laura Sorenson. This was his final film; for 3 years he had been preparing to make a movie about the crucifixion of Christ. It's a symbolic type of film. The film tells a story about a man, who represents the world, who awakens in a dream and finds himself at the time of Christ's crucifixion, but he is the one who is going to nail Jesus to the cross. As he nails Jesus to the cross, he has some flashbacks of his past sinful life which have hurt God and his wife. After the nailing is done, he realizes what he has done, that his sins, the world's sins have nailed Jesus to the cross. He then begs Jesus for forgiveness and a second chance to live a better life in Him. He awakens to find himself in bed, with his wife at his side, he has suffered a major head wound at his construction site where he works, and realizes, he was given a second chance to live! Another twist is also at the end of this film.

Below are stills from the film "A Second Chance"