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Hans Hernke, a star of the upcoming movie American Pie 3, kindly agreed to give us this 'exclusive' interview. Hans, thanks for taking the time to join us for this interview.

1)How did you get your role in American Pie 3?

I was working one day on the new show "Oliver Beene" for Fox, and one of the guys I was working with asked me, "Can you play football?" I said "Ya, I can but I'm not a pro lol!" He told me to give Sande Alessi a call, she's one of the casting directors for the film, so I did and I left a message for her. Didn't hear from her for days, I assumed I didn't get anything, then a few days later, her assistant called me and asked if I was available to work on the film for several work days for the next couple of months, I said yes I would be glad to! So from there on, I was booked as one of the regular football players, and I was excited to hear that Stifler (Sean William Scott) was going to be our coach. That is where the fun all started! Some of the shooting days have been cancelled due to weather, so we are scheduled to start shooting more stuff in mid-March.

2) Without giving too much away, tell us about the character you play in the third movie.

I am a football player under the brilliant direction of Stifler (Sean William Scott). We all kind of get together and help Stifler out in a certain situation, that is all I can say for now.

3) Which members of the crew and cast did you get to meet?

I really don't know who most of the crew are, but they are great to work with, and they are quick at what they do. I would pass by most of the actors and let them do their own thing you know? The actor I worked with the most was Sean William Scott, it was really a blessing how I got that scene with him. I was in the right place at the right time. Most of the lines were improv by Stifler, we did our scene about 20 times or so because the lines were funny or Sean would change the lines around. It was very hard not to laugh when Sean was speaking his lines to me. I would basically take a deep breath and focus on something negative, and when they started rolling, I stayed focused on that thought and gave my reactions without a smile to what he said. He is a natural comedic! He was a blast to work with, very open and friendly. I hope our scene does not get cut. It it does, it will more then likely be on the deleted scenes on the DVD.

4) Who was your favourite?

Sean William Scott of course!

5) Can you tell us please, are any of the original cast from the first two movies, coming back for this movie, in a small guest role?

Here is the funny thing, you'll be shocked to know that I have never seen the first 2 American Pies. I have yet to rent them on DVD and watch them! I do know that Eugene Levy, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Jason Biggs, Sean William Scott, and Alyson Hannigan are returning. That is all I know right now. Sean told me the third installment will be much better then the other 2 films. I guess it's up to our judgment to find out you know?

6) What are your plans for the future?

For 2003, I set some new goals for myself I intend to keep and stay focused on, I am taking things slowly, step by step out here. It is very important not to rush yourself. I moved out to Los Angeles about 8 months ago, and I am amazed and thankful I've made it this far with the support of my family. God, close friends, and former teachers from high school. It is a struggle to live out here, but I believe I am here for a reason. I plan to keep working, take my acting classes at AIA Actors Studio in Burbank, network with more people, and work more closely with my commercial manager to start nailing some auditions. I am still in search of a Theatrical/Television manager or agent. There's much I need to touch up on still, and I want to be 100 percent ready to present myself to other agents and people out here. If you give the wrong impression, its like a bounty or a stamp on your head, they will remember you for a long time! It blows me away how they can remember people out here. I believe 2003 will be a good year for myself and my fellow actors out here that are working just as hard. Thanks for asking me about my experience on American Pie 3. It will be in theaters August 1st 2003! God bless!

The above interview is re-posted by permission.