Convention Reports

Slanted Fedora - Overland Park, KS April 5-7, 2002


Guests included: Borg Twins, Keegan de Lancie, Chase Masterson, Stewart Moss, Barbara Luna, Martin Rayner, Herb Jefferson, Frances Nuyen, Lolita Fatjo, Bobby Clark, Marc Alaimo, Jeffrey Combs, William Shatner, Casey Biggs, Jimmy Darren, Garret Wang, Michael Forest, J. G. Hertzler, Robert O'Reilly, Robert Picardo, Jerry Doyle, Connor Trinneer, and I'm sure I've missed others but that's a pretty impressive list!

Slanted Fedora - Des Moines, IA May, 2002

Guests were: Marina Sirtis, Aron Eisenberg, and Richard Gordon

Slanted Fedora - Des Moines, IA Feb. 21, 2003

Guests were: Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips, and Peter Mayhew

Slanted Fedora - Kansas City, MO September 19-21, 2003


Guests included: Julie Benz, Todd Bryant, Spice Williams, John Kassir, Tony Amendola, Jason Carter, Alan Ruck, Carolyn Seymour, Rene Auberjonois, Grace Lee Whitney

Slanted Fedora - Kansas City, MO April 2-4, 2004