Kansas City, MO, September 19-21, 2003

Alright, if the first pictures here don't scare you off, nothing will. ;) Just a warning, though ... This page is over 2 megs, so if you're on a dial-up connection, it will take awhile.

Me with ...

Jason Carter

Tony Amendola

John Kassir & Julie Benz

Carolyn Seymour

Rene Auberjonois

And now, the convention ...

John Kassir

Julie Benz

Carolyn Seymour

Tony Amendola

Jason Carter

Grace Lee Whitney

Todd Bryant & Spice Williams

Alan Ruck

Carolyn, Alan, Spice, & Todd - Panel Discussion

Dave Scott

Jackie Scott (Dave's wife)

Mary & Jason

Mary & her husband

Mary & her husband & Dave

Leeanne aka Sassyqueen

Leeanne & Alan

Alan & Dan (they sang the A*hole song together in Karaoke)

Saturday night, we had a dinner theatre followed by "Klingon Karaoke" hosted by Spice & Todd. I may go through and show who is in which picture later on, but here goes for now ....