I took a grand total of five rolls of film with me to the conventions in April and May of 2002. What you see below is everything that actually came out. Fortunately, I now have a digital camera, so I won't have this happen again, but you'll notice the low quality of some of these pictures. Here goes:

Marina Sirtis

Dave Scott - The guy who runs the conventions

Jeffrey Combs and one of my tablemates

Jeffrey Combs and me

Jerry Doyle and me

Michael Forrest (Apollo in the original Trek)

Garrett Wang (Voyager)

Sassyqueen aka Leeanne close-up

Chase Masterson

Martin Raynor (Dr. Chaotica)

Keegan de Lancie (Q2)

Stewart Moss

The Borg Twins (and their mom!)

Dick Gordon (Astronaut) (and Dave Scott in the last one)

Aron E. (Nog)

Lena and Trent (Friends from Omaha)

The Borg Queen

And last, but not least ... the dealer's room!