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The Complete Babylon 5

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ISN Anchor Desk - The Complete Babylon 5

A1 - Michael O'Hare as Jeffrey Sinclair

A2 - Andrea Thompson as Talia Winters

A3 - John Fleck as Del Varner

A4 - Tamlyn Tomita as Laurel Takashima

A5 - Blaire Baron as Carolyn Sykes

A6 - Julia Nickson as Catherine Sakai

A7 - Tim Choate as Zathras

A8 - Mary Kay Adams as Na'Toth

A9 - Robin Curtis as Ambassador Kalika

A10 - Jason Carter as Marcus Cole

A11 - Julie Caitlin Brown as Guinevere Corey

A12 - Phil Morris as Bill Trainor

A13 - Sarah Douglas as Jha'Dur

Bonus Double-Signed Card (Limit of 500):
DA1 - Bruce Boxleitner as Captain Sheridan *AND* Melissa Gilbert as Anna Sheridan

Exclusive Case Topper Autographed Card
A1 - J. Michael Strazynski, Series Creator