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Value Judgements

Value Judgements was a script written by Fiona Avery for the Crusade series. It would have been episode number 15, and still might be. For a very long time, it was available on, but that site is no longer available. I was able to purchase a copy directly from the author, and I can tell you it is absolutely amazing! Fiona still has copies available at conventions, so if you see that she'll be in your area, make sure that you attend!

Copies of this script have been selling on eBay for over $100. Would I sell my copy? No way in hell. As Walter Koenig has said at a number of conventions and in interviews, this script was his personal favorite, and was the best episode he would have ever been in. I consider it a shame that it hasn't been made, but have hope that it someday will be.

You can find my synopsis by clicking here and you can find the Quotes here.