W. Morgan Sheppard

I met Morgan and his son, Mark, at MegaCon 2008. He was such a gentleman, and the conversations we had I will always remember.

Morgan is, quite frankly, an acting god. And he's everywhere, from Babylon 5 (the Soul Hunter and G'Kar's uncle G'Sten) to pretty much every version of Star Trek (Klingon prison commander in Star Trek 6, Data's grandpa in Star Trek TNG, Qatai in Voyager, etc). He's been in JAG, Atlantis (Disney, not StarGate ... yet), Kingdom Hospital, Charmed, SeaQuest (the holographic professor), Gettysburg/Gods and Generals, Quantum Leap (in the series finale), Shogun, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (as Elvira's wizard uncle, this is the roll that made me first notice him), and dozens more.