Rae Allen

"Why Rae?" you may ask. And it's a fair question. Unlike many actresses, she has never tried to make a huge name for herself, prefering to play character roles, instead of becoming a character herself. No two roles are the same, and in her wide and varied career, she's played many. The one who brought her to my attention was Barbara Shore, in the motion picture StarGate.

Rae had perhaps 7 lines in the whole movie, and in those, she was able to create a full, complete character, with background and reason.

Beyond StarGate, her resume includes playing the mother of Geena Davis and Lori Petty in A League of Their Own, a role she continued in the tv series - one of only two actors to do so. She again teamed with Geena Davis to play Aunt Violetta in the movie Angie.

She played Lucy Fearing in the Fox Family tv series The Fearing Mind in 2000, and in March of 2004, joined the cast of The Sopranos in the recurring role of Aunt Quintina Blundetto.

Up next is the movie Love for Rent.