Kirk Thatcher

Oh my god. It's the punk! In Star Trek 4, as Kirk and Spock are riding the bus ("correct change?"), they are trying to have a conversation, when this punk rock dude turns up his "ghetto blaster" playing a song "I hate you, and I berate you, etc...". When asked to turn it down, he flips them off. Spock reaches over and does the nerve pinch, and he falls over onto his blaster, shutting it off. The bus applaudes.

Yeah, Kirk actually wrote and performed that song. He was also the voice of the Vulcan Computer at the beginning of the movie, and appeared in Gremlins 2, Dinosaurs, Spaced Invaders, and more. He was the director of the Muppets' Wizard of Oz movie, and worked on fx for the Star Wars movies.