Alex Diakun

Alex Diakun

The series The Outer Limits is an anthology series ... They do one-time episodes which are not connected to any other episodes, so you don't need a prior knowledge coming into the episodes. Starting in April 1995, they started a connecting series of episodes, which includes "Beyond the Veil", "The Second Soul", "Fear, Itself", "Alien Radio", "Tribunal", "Gettysburg", "Alienshop", "Time to Time", and others, in which he played a time-traveler trying to set things right, including World War II.

He also played recurring characters in Andromeda (with Kevin Sorbo, Gordon Michael Woolvett, and Keith Cobb. ), Airwolf, Mom P.I., and Wiseguy, among others.

He has appeared on the big screen with Agent Cody Banks and Wrongfully Accused, among others.

Alex does not have an official site.