7/02/02 - I've collected the majority of the Complete Babylon 5 autograph cards. The last of the costume cards came yesterday - Sheridan's. The costume cards are cool .. You actually have part of the costume worn on television. The autographs I haven't gotten (so far) are ... Michael O'Hare, Andrea Thompson, and Jason Carter. There are also 2 very rare autographed cards. First is JMS himself (one per case of cards), and a dual-signed card by Melissa Gilbert and Bruce Boxleitner. I'll eventually get them. :) Oh, and if you're wanting to see scans of them, just go to the Babylon 5 section of this site, click on "Complete B5", and there you are.

I bought a directv system for the house ... it's one of those two-room deals ... The change in picture quality is astounding. Plus, all those channels (IFC, Showtime, BBA America, Comedy Central, etc) that we weren't getting before - well, now we are. It rocks! :)

I've been playing with my new "toy" the last day or so. It's a video capture card for my computer. It lets me take whatever is coming in from the tv and put it onto my computer. From there, I can take freeze-frames, or even burn the episode to cd. All kinds of possibilities!

I have written to Jean Lorrah twice now, and still haven't heard back. I had written to her, asking for her permission to create a page for the Savage Empire book series, with character profiles, timelines, information on the various groups (savages, adepts, etc). I haven't heard back from her ... I don't know if she's ignoring it, or just hasn't gotten around to it, but it's been a good six months since the first letter. I have a sinking feeling that she wants to forget all about the Savage Empire for some reason, and can't imagine why. It's one of the best damn series ever written! Oddly, though, when I sent a letter asking about the ability to order a book from her, I got a response right away. Wonder what's up with that?

Two days from now is Independance Day in the USA. I wonder if there are going to be attacks, or if it's all a bunch of unfounded rumors? Three days from now, we'll know. It's less than 2 months til my next birthday (I'll be updating my Wish List!), and just another 2 weeks until the one-year anniversay of 9/11.

To this day, every time I see an airplane, I wonder "what if?" ... and I don't think that will ever change.

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