2/15/02 - Well, it's about time I posted a new entry in the Journal. There's been a lot that's happened, so if I forget something, deal with it. :)

First and foremost, I've moved everything over to http://www.ISNAnchorDesk.com now. It's no longer on geocities.com, and it won't be going back. Some of the things they've been pulling have made me extremely leary, and I'm glad I got out when I did.

Besides the obvious advantage of having the domain be anything I want it to, I am paying less than any of the pay plans offered by geocities, and am getting well over 20 times the storage, transfer rates, everything. It's just a much better plan. On top of that, I checked the stats last week, and in the first 2 weeks of being online, I had 5,797 unique hits on my site. That's a LOT of hits, man!

The convention ticket and the hotel room are now both paid for. Now I gotta save up my spending money. Less than 2 months to go!

There was an attempted break-in here at the house. The kid across the street, the one that has been doing odd jobs for my mom and Jim for years, apparently decided he liked my television set a bit too much to let me keep it. Fortunately, I caught him before he was able to walk off with anything. I had to go through everything to make sure that was it. One positive thing about it is that I found several things I had forgotten about, and the Dining on Babylon 5 cookbook that Nyad had gotten for my birthday present 2 years ago.

If you have a very sardonic sense of humor, you may want to check out Thumb.com, the home of Steve Oedekerk's Thumb series. I discovered them 2 or 3 years ago, whenever it was that Star Wars Episode 1 came out. The night before the premiere, UPN showed Thumb Wars, a 1/2 hour parody of the first Star Wars film (episode 4). The catch is, all of the characters are played by thumbs, with faces put on with computer effects. I happened to record it, and showed it to a few friends ... It's the kind of film that you just know you better go pee before you watch, cuz otherwise you'll pee your pants from laughter!

It's finally been put out on video, and is just the first of a series. February brought The Blair Thumb. In April, Thumbtanic will finally come out. These are all coming out on video and dvd. The dvd's cost only 7-9 bucks each, and include the movie parody itself, behind the scenes features, PLUS at least one commentary track. Coming in the next several months will be Bat Thumb, FrankenThumb, and The God Thumb.

Steve Oedekerk also did the full-length feature film Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, which is out in theaters now. I was in the theater with only about 12 or so people. Of those, 2 others had seen Thumb Wars, and knew exactly what to expect. The others had no clue. When the cow stood up on its hind legs and started fighting kung-fu style, they were all going "huh" while the rest of us were going "I escaped somehow" ... It was great!

Steve is also the producer behind Nutty Professor 1 and 2, Ace Ventura, and several other comedies. He's also a sick, twisted individual. Gotta love 'em!

I found a wonderful site called MagickPeddler.com. They offer statues of faieries, lighthouses, and dragons. They also have quite a selection of the Egyptian Royal Family (which you just know made me drool!). They've got Amon-Re, Horus, Isis, Osirus, Anubis, Sekmat (and who carries her? not many!), Ma'at, Sobek, Thoth, and many others. I'll post pictures when they get here :)

No, I haven't ordered all of them. Just ... a few. Horus, Isis, Amon-Re, Anubis, Sekmat, and Thoth. Every writer needs Thoth around, ya know? He was basically the Egyptian Muse, inspiring writers, and it's quite appropriate!

Back to the site, I've expanded a few areas. The Mummy section has a lot more information, a quotes page, a LOT of pictures, and updated information.

I've got a lot more Pictures up, the Family page now has pictures of all 5 kids, including their families, Babylon 5's section has been updated to include the Rangers movie, and I've taken out some of the information which duplicates things that are already out there.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, as the season finale of Mummy is on, and now that it's been announced that we have a 2nd season, I'm really happy!

On Sunday, my grandpa's company is throwing him a retirement party. I know he's like 300 years old, but it's still weird to think of my grandpa as retired.

And finally, sometimes being a completist really kicks you in the butt. Claudia Christian, who already has released 4 cd's, now has a 5th one out. Looks like I'll be plunking down another 20 bucks. Of course, there's no way in hell I'd do it if I didn't love her voice. This girl can sing, really belt it out, so it's a pleasure listening to her music. Volume 5, here I come!

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