1/20/02, 3:00 p.m.

"I don't think any of our gods would object to Londo Mollari having one single night of happiness."
- Vir, 2261.

"A night of happiness" - That quote is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the events of yesterday, 1/19/02.

Which episode have I discussed most often in this journal? "Day of the Dead" ... And which four characters returned from the dead for this episode? Morden, Dodger, Adira, and Zoe. Of those, which characterís autograph have I wanted the most? Zoe.

When I got home from work (after picking Steve up on the way), I went through my mail, and what should be in the very first envelope, but the Zoe card from the Season 5 collection, autographed by Bridget Flanery!

Steveís reaction was of course "that's nice" ... He doesnít collect autographs like I do, although he drooled over the Claudia Christian cd that she dedicated to him and me, and he certainly ranked that right up there!

So now, I have my number 1 most wanted autograph. Yeah, like thatís the only thing that happened yesterday. Even if it were, it would have been cool, but that was only the beginning.

We watched "Day of the Dead" and the bloopers, and just for fun, took a couple of the scripts out and acted out scenes. Matheson with a British accent is wrong, on SO many levels! :).

At 7:55, we settled down to watch Rangers, and from the beginning, it rocked. GíKar (from the original Babylon 5 series) was at his finest. The humor "Love to stay, hate to go, kiss kiss, bye bye" (ok, thatís not the exact quote, I havenít done up the quotes for it yet, and Iím going from memory), to the old-time references (Swedish meatballs), to the grin-evoking "No one there is what he seems", reminding us of his quote "No one here is exactly what he appears" ... they all add up to a kick-ass movie!

Rangers was well-written, acted, and composed. It must go to series. Star says so!

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