1/3/02, 11:15 a.m. - Wow. It's 2002. It's been almost four months since the attacks, and it really is hard to think about what life was like before September 11th.

On the first, we decided to go to Omaha. Actually, Mom decided and we went along with it ... Her intentions were to get a coffee pot (cringe) and maybe do some thrift-store shopping. Uh-huh. We all knew what that really meant ... She wanted to go shopping at Goodwills and see what kind of unique things she could get, and she wanted us along to carry the bounty for her!

On the way to the first shop, we got into a discussion about the attacks ... It was a "where were you when you first heard?" talk. Jim had been driving to work, and heard something on the radio, but thought it was probably just pilot error ... Until the second plane hit. Mom knew because Marty, Jolena, Jim, and I had all called to tell her, and she had already been watching it on the news.

I told them how I remembered it ... I had been up late that night, and had just been sleeping for maybe 3 or so hours, when Derek called on my line and asked "Do you know what's going on in the world right now?" ... I think that's how he asked it. Anyway, what he described was just completely unbelievable, and I just knew he'd seen it in a movie somewhere ... Tom Clancy, probably, but was it real? He told me to turn on the tv ... any channel. I did, and that's when I saw the second plane hit ... I think it was probably a delayed broadcast or something, because as I recall now, 3 of the planes had already hit at that point.

The President's statement about normalcy is a joke. And not exactly a good one. He's said repeatedly that we need to get back to our normal lives. What is a normal life anymore? I cannot look at a plane right now without wondering if that might be the next vehicle of destruction. I collect autographs, some of them by mail ... I can't really send a letter to any of the people that I wanna get, because the majority of fanmail is just thrown away, due to the anthrax scares.

jms's new series for Showtime, called Jeremiah, has been pushed back because of its content. It takes place in a future where all the adults have been killed in some kind of war, and it's now 15 years later .. The children have been getting by using whatever tools were left, but now they are becoming adults and trying to rebuild the future. It's now seen as ... not tasteful. Before the attacks, it was the hottest ticket going. They'll be lucky to have it on sometime in the spring.

Back to the first ...

I love to write. Yeah, you had no idea, huh? :) ... Well, the way that I write is ... I sit down at a desk or table or something with a flat surface, pen and paper in hand, and just ... write. Well, I haven't been able to do that since coming to Mo Valley. The only desk I have is covered in computer stuff (scanner, keyboard, monitor, blah blah). I could possibly write downstairs, but that would be intruding in others' space, plus Kira (meow meow purr) loves to perch herself on my shoulders, so that would be kinda difficult to do.

Well (you knew that was coming!) I found the perfect table that day. It looks like it was probably in a diner sometime ... the kind that you get when you say you wanna have just 2 people (like 3 feet across by 5 feet wide), grey marble surface, everything else metal, sturdy as hell ... I can spread my papers out across the surface and just write. It's not new, of course, but it doesn't look like it's been used much at all ... and it was only 7 bucks. Probably the best 7 bucks I've spent this year!

I also got a ton of various candle holders ... including one that's really freaky. In the middle is a bowl, about 4 inches across, with the edges cut like zig-zag, and coming out of the bottom are three candle holders, and the entire thing is silver. It'd be great to put some powder incense in the middle, with 3 scented candles burning at the same time.

Oh ... and I got a bunch of silver plates ... some kind of set, I think. I have no idea what I'll do with them, but they were super cheap, and they look cool. Hell, I might just get some rocks or crystals and put on em. Not sure.

As far as updates on the site, I finished the synapsis for Mummy, and copied 7 of the 10 episodes onto tape. I have quotes done for 4 of those episodes. I need the room on the Replay, so that's what I'm concentrating on right now, but I can only do so much before I go "ok, something different now."

I also did scans for the following autographs: Brittany Petros (Big Brother), John Schuck, Paul Williams, Emilie de Ravin, Emma Caufield, Alison Lohman (Claire, Crusade), Harry Groener, Linda Park, and Nick W. (Kyle V. in Roswell).

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