12/26/01, 10:32 a.m. - It won't be 2001 for much longer. I am growing increasingly aware that it is nearing 2002. While checking the schedule on my Replay, for example, I noticed 1/1/2 as the date for next Tuesday. Weird and cool at the same time.

Christmas is finally over! Thank the gods!

At some points, I was having a great time. When we opened presents with Mom and Jim, for example. I got two quillows. What's a quillow? you ask. It's a miniature quilt that folds up into a pillow. By miniature, I don't mean kid-sized, I mean like half the normal size, perfect for one person.

One is Harry Potter. On the front of the pillow-part is Hogwarts' emblem, which is the banner for each of the four Houses merged together. The front of the quilt part is Harry riding a broom, playing Quidditch. The back is white, with Hedwig (Harry's owl), the H.P. logo, and comet swirls. Both sides have stars everywhere. It's just beautiful.

The other quillow is a fantasy-themed blue quillow, with unicorns and castles everywhere. The two pillows blend in very well with both this and the Harry Potter quillow. I'm very happy with them. They're cool, and when I remember (probably tonight), I'll scan parts of them and put them up with the next journal entry.

I still need to get down to grandma and grandpa's and do the Christmas exchange with them, but I'll get to that soon.

I think I'll probably see Lord of the Rings on Friday. That's the day the trailer for the new Babylon 5: Rangers movie will be attached to the front. According to the theater list I saw, the only one in the area that has it is the Mall of the Bluffs in cb (Council Bluffs). None of the Omaha theaters supposedly will have it. We'll see.

Time for a gear change.

Sassy has upset me. Sassy is a friend of mine from KC, and the one who bought the Writers Book that I talked about earlier. . She runs one of the B5: Rangers message boards. A few of us run message forums on her board. While they are all dealing with B5, each is individual, and is uniquely designed. Mine, the ISN Anchor Desk (gee, wonder where that name came from? lol) is an extension of my webpage. There is a starfield background, the cool gold lettering, etc. At the top is a picture that changes with Sassy's frequent whims. It's always B5-related. I've never had a problem with her changing it, because it's always related, it's always in good taste, and it always blends in with everything else that's already there.

Past pictures have included pictures of the cast that have been altered, to have it look like they are dressed up for Halloween or Christmas, among other outfits.

This one, though, went way too far. It was just a woman drinking something, with extremely large breasts. These were bigger than basketballs, and had barely more than a string covering them. It's extremely sexist, bordering on pornography, and does not belong there.

I didn't even know it was there, at first. See, I went there in the morning, and it was still the ISN Anchor Desk pic that was up. I checked messages, replied, and went about my day. Later that night, Sassy asked if I'd seen the latest pic. I didn't know what she was talking about, so I went there and saw ... it. I'm no prude. I'm about the farthest thing from it, but this thing disgusted and irked me. How could she put something like that up in "my" forum?

I posted a message about it, saying that she crossed the line. She did, there's no question. Hey, it's her board, and I respect that. But this was supposed to be - at least, I was told - my forum.

In what may be my last message there, I let my problem with that picture be known, and announced that because of it, I would be leaving, and would not return until that abomination was gone, and she had apologized.

From what I've heard, the pic is gone, and the "straight" males do not seem to understand why I consider it sexist and exploitative in the extreme. Let's put it in perspective, shall we? If I put up a pic that had a guy with a huge "package" and had only a string covering it, those same people would be up in arms about it, but since it's a female, they don't see anything wrong with it.

I do.

I miss the board, very much. But like I said, I will not be back until she apologizes for putting that ... thing up. Hasn't happened yet. I wonder if it will?

I guess I can see her perspective ... She just put up another pic, like she always does. I could have asked her nicely to take it down, or I could have just changed it myself, but I'm not the one who did it in the first place, and it really did anger, confuse, and frighten me. Let's see what happens now.

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