12/23/01, 3:05 p.m. - Change of plans. Instead of keeping the old format as an option, it's going away completely, in favor of this new look. I'm quite happy with it, and so ... there we have it.

What's going on with me lately?

Well, we (me, mom, Jim, Rebecca, Jim, Marion, and Jolena) had two birthday parties this week for Dakota (4) and Dalton (2). Marion and Jolena should be kept far apart in March!

I've burned several CDs, including stuff Rebecca needed, and some music CDs. I need to get UT (Unreal Tournament) back on the computer. It's sitting on the shelf ... I just need the time to put it back on. I think I'm having withdrawals!

So far, the overwhelming majority of votes have been cast in favor of http://www.ISNAnchorDesk.com ... Have you cast your vote yet?

Two days till Christmas. I've got a ton of wrapping to get done. I know Jim will be thrilled with what he's getting. I hope Mom likes the things she's getting. As for Marty, well ... He'll either love them or hate them. I'm not sure which. He knows I have quite a collection of autographed things, and I have talked about some of the people I know (Maggie, Marjean, Luke, Holly, etc.), but I have the feeling that he thinks it's probably all b.s. and that I don't know the people I do.

I'm just a poor kid from a small town in Iowa, right? How would I know - or meet - all these people? I think he'll be in for a shock.

Dakota and Dalton will think I'm a "hero" because they're getting Toy Story figures - and they are getting identical figures, so there will be less chance of fighting. Their parents, Marion and Jolena, will be getting something they need. That's all I'm saying up-front.

I'll be going out to the farm tomorrow, delivering what I can only describe as a "Rebecca DVD" for her. I'll be bringing some of the CDs I've burned for her as well. That is, if my memory works. It's not that I forget all these little things (like, oh, wrapping), it's just that I have about a million things going through my mind at any given time. Sounds reasonable to me!

Z Minus 27.

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