12/22/01, 11:00 a.m. - The snow outside is blinding. The darkness does not exist, simply pure white.

I left home early this morning, just a few minutes after 8. When I left, it was raining. By the time I got to the interstate, the snow had fallen hard enough that there was an inch already. Driving down to Omaha was fun. Really. Ok, so I did a couple cookies. Cookies, at least around here, means that your car spins all the way around, and you end up the same direction you were facing before ... There were quite a few people who tried to drive over the speed limit, and ended up driving across lanes, into the ditches.

I'm lucky that my grandfather was around when I was learning to drive. Grandpa Don may drive like there's a 20 mile per hour speedlimit on the interstate (you think I'm kidding, don't you?), but he taught me that you should drive according to the conditions of the road, not according to the speed limit.

The weather is just nuts out there, which means I love it, of course! It's fun to drive in ... after the fact. While it's actually happening, it isn't so much fun, and going downhill is just a tiny bit dangerous (eek!) but doable. I think with my next check, I need to get some really good snow tires ... snow tires would be a good thing, especially if I'm going to be doing any travelling on hills, like the hills I have to drive on with work.

With the snow coming down as hard as it is, we will definately have a white christmas after all!

Right now, I'm thinking back to something I read on jmsnews.com. If you're not familiar with it, what they've done is collect every online post JMS has done from day one, back in like 1992, up through today, including usenet, compuserve, etc.

In the particular article he'd posted, he was talking about a recording session done back in the Real Ghostbusters days. If you don't know, before Babylon 5, JMS wrote and produced the Real Ghostbusters cartoon series. In this particular session, there were three people doing the voices of the various characters. One of them had worked hard to mimic the voice of one of the others, and when that one forgot his line, the first one did his line - in that actor's voice.

This led to a few laughs, and then the first one decided he was going to do a "celebrity fart" ... Yes, you read that right. He impersonated Cher farting. Then the next one tried another one, and this went on for several minutes, until one of them tried William Conrad's farts ... This brought the house down ... JMS said that there was not one single person who was not on the floor laughing their asses off.

JMS still has that on videotape ... One of these days, he should put it out so we could all experience "Celebrity Farts"!

So ... What do you think of the new format? Good? Awful? Comments?

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