12/19/01, 10:30 a.m. - I know you were just breathless with anticipation, trying to find out who I got and what I got for them, well ... Since everything has been distributed, you're in for a treat.

Linda got Julie a very nice pair of winter gloves.

Julie made Jennifer a set of five cds full of music that Jennifer just loves.

Jennifer got Jane a huge candle with candle-holder.

Jane got me a basket with an apple candle, popcorn, snickers, and glittery stars everywhere.

I got Christina a huge bag of apple-cinnemon potpouri. Did you know her entire house is full of apple-cinnemon potpouri? I didn't. But I gave the perfect gift, I guess. This was followed up by the Shrek dvd, something Christina's been wanting for months.

Christina got Doug, but since Doug and Linda and Yolanda aren't here yet, I'll have to wait to post their gifts.

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