12/17/01, 7:00 p.m. - You know, I'm thinking ... Every time I try and help someone out, if it involves money in any way, I end up getting burned. Co-workers, friends, complete strangers .. It doesn't matter. I get screwed every time. Why bother?

Here's something on a more positive note:

There are 13 episodes in the first season of The Mummy. Ten of them have aired already. I know I'm behind on The Mummy section of this site. Two new episodes (#9 and #10) have aired since I last put up the synopsis.

My plan is to do the synopsis for those two, and then to do quotes for all 10. When the remaining 3 new episodes for the season air, I'll do the synopsis and quotes at the same time.

Now that my computer is fixed (thanks, Derek!), I'm back online. You're going to notice several changes here and there. One of those changes will be the autograph section.

I will continue to list the autographs by last name, as I do it now. I will also add the option to view them grouped by series. All Trek actors on a page, all B5 actors, Planet of the Apes, writers, etc.

As the countdown continues towards the new Rangers movie/series (32 days now!), I'll be posting new interviews as well as a synopsis of the movie and quotes.

This journal will get a complete revamping as part of the updating. I printed it out recently, and it was 21 pages long at that point. I already said that I would not go back and edit my text in any way, and I won't. I'll be breaking it up day by day. This will allow faster loading, but I will be keeping the long form (as it is now) so you have a choice.

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