12/17/01, 4:27 p.m. - To say that I am disgusted by my co-workers is putting it mildly.

You will remember that about 2 weeks ago, I suggested that we get together and adopt a family for Christmas. I had a total of nine people pledge that they'd contribute money by last Friday at the latest, as the gifts were to be delivered on Sunday (yesterday).

I sent a reminder email to each of them today. As of this moment, exactly two have actually come through.

Out of my own money, I bought everything the family had listed, even the gift certificate for a holiday meal.

I did this because I had been promised by each of them that they would contribute. Two, out of nine. That's pretty damn pathetic.

Two decided that they did not "feel like" doing it. When I told them that the gifts had already been delivered based on their promise of money, the only response was one saying they needed to take care of their own family, and they didn't seem to care about their promises.

A third - who had been on the receiving end of these Salvation Army gifts not long ago - said she probably wouldn't pay the ten bucks. No reason. Just probably wouldn't.

The other four either weren't here today or didn't even comment.

So, in trying to help a family who couldn't do the holiday on their own, I've been screwed over.

The co-workers who portrayed themselves as caring, kind people two weeks ago have shown their own worst, truest colors. Quite in the spirit of the mean old Grinch, I'd say.

Merry F'ing Christmas.

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