12/04/01, 5 p.m. - I do all of my writing by hand, and then type it into the computer. I always have, and it works well for me. Now, I have found the perfect combination of paper and pen>

The best paper is not white, but grey, and it's from the Family Dollar store. It's 200 sheets for 79 cents. (It actually says 150 sheets plus 50 free on the front), is light grey-blue colored, and easy on the eyes. It bears a striking resemblance to recycled paper (since recycled is always grey), but it doesn't say whether it is or not. It feels like it is.

The best pen is the Paper Mate Flexgrip Ultra, with blue ink, and it's like 2 bucks at Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

This combination is quite easily the best I've worked with. Words seem to flow out of my fingers, appearing magically on the paper. Me likey!

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