11/27/01, 3 p.m. - As you may have noticed, I've added several more autograph scans ... They include Dominic Keating, Mark Schnider, Denise Gentile, Liddy Holloway, Andreas, Peter Jurasik, Carolyn Seymour, Marley McLean, Marjorie Monaghan, June Lockhart, Ryan Phillipe, Stewart Moss, Micharl Pataki, Jeff Corey, and Stephen Austin. Also, if you click on the link for my wishlist, you'll notice that I've updated it. Several of the items on there were old info, and I've gotten, like Planet of the Apes, which I recommend, cuz it's really good and has Luke Eberl in it!

One thing about the wishlist ... It's on amazon.com, which normally is a pretty good website. However, they haven't updated their prices in a long time. They rarely sell things at "cover price" ... They take whatever that price is, and discount it a certain percent, and sell it at that discounted price. Good idea, if it's done right. Right now it isn't. A prime example is Vampire Journals, which is a dvd I really really want. It's actually the fourth dvd in the Subspecies series. Sub 4 and Vampire Journals are available on dvd. According to Amazon.com, the regular cover price is 19.99, and their discounted price reflects that. However, the REAL cover price is 9.99 - ten bucks cheaper. If you go to any number of websites, you can buy it for 7 bucks plus shipping, which is a far cry from the 17 bucks Amazon.com is charging right now.

If you haven't visited it yet, I recommend dvdpricesearch.com. You can put in the title of pretty much any dvd you're looking for and it will search nearly every website out there to find you the sites with the 8 cheapest prices. One collection I'm looking at has a retail price of $120 ... Why pay that when dvdpricesearch.com can find it for you for HALF that?

More soon.

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