11/17/01 - 12:15 p.m. - Turmoil, chaos, emotion. Those are three words that describe my thoughts at this moment. I am still thinking about the comic that I read yesterday, pondering it over and over again. While I enjoyed the Harry Potter movie last night, the images from that comic broke through from the "box" I had locked them in.

I had tried to shut the comic out. It's just a comic, right? Wrong. It's so much more. It is a defining moment, for me at least, in coming to terms with The Attack.

Odd, how something so tragic has happened here. In our lives, so little has happened on a world scale that it has completely changed how we view not only the world, but ourselves.

And yet, for those in the Middle East, what happened is a way of life, and bombings/attacks are a daily occurrence.

We are no longer individuals. We are families, groups, peoples. We are no longer separated, but how long will it be before it happens again?

Driving to work today, I saw two airplanes headed towards Eppley, the airfield in Omaha, and for a split-second, I just knew that I was the last witness of a new attack, before being brought back to reality. I'm sure many others have experienced the same thing at one time or another.

We know it will happen again, it is just a question of when, and where, and how many will die needlessly this time.

Oklahoma City. How scary is that? It pales in comparison with the loss of life, of course, but it was a national tragedy done by a nut, Tim McVey. (I probably spelled his name wrong, but I don't really care about the jerk, so I'm not going to care) That same nut was in Omaha not one week earlier, and it is only by sheer luck that it was not Omaha that was bombed.

He said so, shortly before his execution, that he was here, and Omaha was his second target. It didn't matter to him which one blew, it was a completely random choice. Considering that SAC is here, we have been extremely lucky. How much longer will we remain so?

I am halfway through book 4 of the Savage Empire series. These books are very well-told, and deserves to be reprinted right away! The last book was published, if memory serves, 13 years ago, and I don't think it's been reissued since. If you're lucky, you may find one or two books of the series, but to find them all, unless you want to pay outrageous fees to online used bookstores, it's nearly impossible.

After I finish book 7, I think I may add another section for the series ... a guide to the Empire, the terms used, the characters, etc.

During lunch, I picked up the DVD of What Women Want. Yes, I know it was marketed as a "Mel Gibson movie" but that's not the reason I saw it originally. It's Maggie Egan's latest movie, and I am quite the Maggie Completist! I've also got copies of Vasectomy, Alien Nation, and Matlock with her. She'll be in Providence soon, so I'll have that as well. I'll let you know when she tells me the airdate.

Tuesday, the Planet of the Apes is out on DVD! Luke Eberl on DVD! Coolness!

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