11/12/01, 1 p.m. - Now I don't have to worry about missing Harry Potter on Friday. Since I'm working lots of extra hours this week, I'm getting off an hour early Friday night, so I'll make it there in plenty of time. Harry Potter, here I come!

I finally saw Thursday's Survivor episode. They booted Silas? But he was the cutest one there! I wanted either him or Brandon to win, and let's face it, Brandon is really super-annoying. We'll see what happens.

I updated the music page. Now, when you click on the artist's name, you'll see a scan of the cd, if I've got it. I've got everything by Mira, Maggie, and Julie Caitlin. Claudia also has Taboo/Claudia Squared, and I'll be getting that soon. Bill, though ... now he's gonna be the difficult one. I do NOT mean that in a bad way. It's simply the sheer (sp?)volume of his work. He's got 20 cd's out SO FAR, including the B5 group cd, and 6 with the group America. I have five of his, including the super-rare "The Jenerators" cd, and can get the other 15, but at 10-20 bucks per cd, it's going to be expensive, and I can't justify spending that much money on cd's just to have the whole collection, when I've already got several of his.

I read today's comics (as I always do on Sunday), and "For Better or For Worse" really touched me today. I think it sets everything in proportion, and is probably the truest I've seen in "kids comics" to date. While I have a paper-copy, I have not scanned it. The image I show below is from the "For Better or For Worse" homepage, and is owned/copywrited by Lynn Johnston, the artist.

Copywrite Lynn Johnston, 11/11/2001

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