11/02/01, 6:15 p.m. - For reasons I'm not getting into on this, I have had to move again. I'm now in Iowa. It's not as bad as it sounds :).

Here are the updates I've done so far ----->

1 - The Mummy Episode Guide has been completely updated up to the latest episode. Yes, I know there's another new one airing tomorrow. I'll update it again after I see it.

2 - My Autographs has over 50 new autographs scanned. Some of them are cd's, some are cards, some are scripts. Most are from people I didn't have before, but a few are duplicates. It's all there.

3 - My Family section has a new pic under Marion and Jolena. It's a pic of them at the park. :)

4 - Babylon 5 Music is a new section I've added. There are several actors from Babylon 5 who have put out albums. One or two are "average" but the rest are very high above average, and it's amazing to me that there was this much talent in the cast, and we knew none of it before now. Bill Mumy (Lennier in Babylon 5 and Will Robinson in Lost in Space) is easily the most prolific musician, with 20 cd's to his credit - so far. I have a very good start on the database, but need more information on Bill Mumy's cd's in order to make it complete.

Well, I'm on book 4 of Harry Potter, and book 2 of Savage Empire. BIG books now! lol .... I'm part of a group that's going tonight to see Monsters, Inc. ... It looks funny, but then all of the Pixar movies look funny. I hope they haven't lost their touch. Here's hoping.

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