Note - With the move to the new server, the pages listed down below no longer exist. Since I am not editing the text, I'm leaving the information in, but with this disclaimer.

10/19/01, 2:00 p.m. - I've been so busy this week, doing all kinds of things. It's amazing I've had time to go to the bathroom, I swear! I've gotten a couple new autographs. One is from Christopher Neame. He played Knight One in the episode "And the Sky Full of Stars" and the other is from William McNamara. William has been in a ton of movies, and he's just ... putting this in the most descriptive words I can think of ... yummy, yummy, yummy! My plan is to scan all those pix on Sunday or Monday. Probably Sunday, if I can.

I do have the scanner out of the box, I just need to have time to use it. It's not easy, with everything else I've got going on. I also wrote a new story, centered around the people who go to my B5 board. There are certain "inside jokes" that go around there, and nicknames that are used - for example, RW is known as "ducky" and ... well, unless you've gone there, you'd probably not understand. Anyway, this quote "Purple wombats aren't evil. They're just tragically misunderstood" has been going through my head for a while, and yesterday, it just decided it was gonna come out and go "hello, time to write" and out flowed the story. So far, the people who have read it think it's hilarious, including the "manduck" himself lol.

I love the webgfx services. You may not be familiar with them, but it's the generator that lets me make all the buttons that you see through this site. I can change what colors and styles they are, and even what language they appear in. I have been experimenting with it, and have come up with several choices that I'm going to pick from to do yet another theme for this site, at some point. Please visit this page and let me know which version you think is the best with that background. Thanks!

I've won more awards. Just click the "awards" link down below or on the main page to see them. The latest one even has the site name on it! Coolness!

I'm working on a Local Music page. I got the idea because of Steve and Derek, two of my best friends. Steve is in a band called Forward Tilt, which does have a webpage, but let's face it - it's pretty sad. There's only a paragraph on the page and a faded-out picture. As I said, sad. Derek is involved with Normandy Circle, for which his cousin plays. Since Derek never bothers to come to my page, I can give my opinion freely without fear or retribution. Same goes to Steve, actually.

I have seen neither band live, only on cd. I actually have Forward Tilt's cd in my possession. Normandy's, I've heard because of how often Derek plays it. They are both very good bands. I'm not used to local musicians actually having talent, ability, and skills. They are seperate things, believe it or not. I actually like them both, and will be going to see them live eventually. I'll give an update whenever that happens.

I got Harry Potter 3!!!! Karen at work has already said I could borrow number 4 when I was ready for it ... She doesn't have a copy of 3 in book format, but on tape. (they were going on a trip and needed something to listen to).

While I was waiting for Friday, I needed something to read. I picked Savage Empire off the shelf. Savage Empire is actually a series of seven books, all written by my all-time favorite author, Jean Lorrah. I had read book 4, Flight about ten years ago, and hadn't read another. No, it wasn't because it wasn't good - quite the opposite. It was TOO good. I could also tell, based on the information from the dedications and "about the author" sections that there was a lot more going on than what I'd seen. I made a decision then not to read any more in the series until I had all of them, at least up to that book. Unfortunately, even at that point a decade ago, all of the books were long out of print. I have collected 6 of the 7 books, but that seventh one remains elusive. The only place I've been able to find that still has it wants something like 40 bucks for a paperback book (with a 2 buck cover price!), over 8 dollars for shipping, and it has to be on mastercard or visa. I won't budge, no way, no how.

Well, I picked the first book up off the shelf, and started reading it, not really sure what to expect, and woah ... An easy way to describe it would be to call it a grown-up Harry Potter. It's set in the distant past, with mind-readers, and magicians, who are at war with each other, because of the differences in their powers - neither realizing they have the same power, and are just using it differently. I'm going to finish Savage Empire first, then go read Harry Potter 3 and 4. By the time I'm done with 4, the movie should be out (we can hope!), and then I plan to delve into the Savage Empire series, and there may be yet another page added to my site. Bwahahahahaha.

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