10/14/01, 3:45 p.m. - Gods, it seems so long since I've written. There's been quite a bit happening. First and foremost, my brother got married yesterday. It seems weird to think of him being married ... I mean, he's my baby brother, right? Yeah, we've got 2 younger brothers (and one that supposedly is, but without a DNA test to prove it, I'll never believe the 3rd one is my dad's kid). It's ok to say that ... It isn't as though he even knows what the internet is, much less that I have a website.

Now Marty, on the other paw, has been on the net, though not nearly as much as I have. When I came to Omaha, he stayed in Missouri Valley, and his interest in computers and things online doesn't match my own. We are two very different people, but I respect the life he's made for himself and what he's been able to make out of it. Pick your jaw up off the floor, mom, yes I did just say that.

Well they are coming tomorrow to redo the electrical system in our house. It's in pretty bad shape. There is only one outlet in my bedroom, and none in Derek's, so we're sharing, and can only run so many things at once! That's the main reason that I haven't done any scans recently ... I don't want to overload it.

It'll take 2-3 days to do, and when it's done, we'll be set, and it won't even be an issue.

Now, while I'm thinking about scans, I've got quite a few autographs, both new and old, that I need to get done and added to my autographs page. They include Vonda McIntyre, John Billingsley, Michael York, Jeff Griggs, Michael Welch, Rick Berman, William Shatner, Brannon Braga, Dean Stockwell, Janet Kagen, Majel Barret, Ronald D Moore, Ira Steven Behr, Russ Tamblyn, Luke Eberl, Ian McShane, Theodore Bikel, James DeBello, Kathy Kinney, Shane West, Jennifer Elise Cox, Camryn Manheim, and Maggie Egan. Just a few new ones :)

Well I've finished Harry Potter book 2... I can't get book 3 til Friday (cuz that's when I get paid. Love how that works, dontchya?), and shortly after that I'll read book 4. I have a feeling that I should just get book 4 at the same time, cuz it won't be long before I'll be ready for it. The first movie comes out soon, in the next couple of weeks, if memory serves. I won't be going opening night, but probably that Saturday.

I'm currently reading Dark Genesis, the first book of the Psi Corps trilogy by J. Gregory Keyes. I had read the first 25 or so pages over a year ago, and though "this sucks" and set it aside, intending to get back to it later. Well, it's later, and I'm almost done with it. It's a lot better than I had given it credit for. It takes place within the Babylon 5 universe, but starts out 100 years before B5 begins, and goes from there, telling the story of the emergence of telepaths, and what society did to them when they found out people had the ability to read minds. It also ties in directly with the Crusade episode "Value Judgements", the script for which I got last year from Fiona Avery, the author.

That's one thing about Babylon 5. We saw right there from the beginning how the series would end, and knew when that would happen. The question was ... How do we get to that point? The series was always told in broad brushstrokes, and there are several areas that lend themselves for further movies or books, and this one was one of them. Beyond that, it's quite good.

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